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5 Future Technologies That Can Change The World

by Uneeb Khan
Future Technologies

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Well, technology is evolving, and 20 years ago, nobody thought about the latest inventions, and nobody could imagine what could exist in the next 20 years. Emerging technologies can have a deep impact on how people are going to access them.

When new technologies come up, people want to learn about them. Students have to study those technologies, and they can be smart dust, DNA computing, 4D printing, or space mining.

When data science became popular and the demand for data scientists increased, students started taking an interest.

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Here are some of the future technologies that can change the world.

  1. Smart dust

One of the emerging future technologies is smart dust. We all know that trust is everywhere, but how can it become smart?

Well, smart dust is about a small wireless device that is the size of grain dust, but these small wireless devices are equipped with sensor cameras that are used for transferring information to a core hub for processing.

If someone had asked about this concept 10 years ago, no one could have thought of this concept, but now it is a reality.

Smart dust is also called MEMS or Microelectromechanical systems that function which census and has an autonomous power supply for collecting data about stress, acceleration, pressure, humidity, sound, etc.

Now this information can be stored on a cloud platform. Moreover, smart dust can be used for many purposes, including monitoring corrosion in metals, monitoring crops, and surveilling people for security purposes.

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  • Brain-Computer interface

The next one is the brain-computer interface, another future technology. Suppose your brain could be directly linked to the computer system.

You could run your computer with a thought (and maybe your computer could run you!). Jokes aside, there could be several executions of a Brain-Computer Interface in education, medical sciences, security entertainment, etc.

You would only need an idea to control machines. However, this technology is still in the process of making and in its basic stages, and humans cannot apply it.

In fact, there are various questions about whether it would even be appropriate for a large scale as the chances of using it for ill or wrong reasons are also quite large.

  • 4D printing

The third one is 4D printing, and the 3D version has already received a lot of popularity, but what about 4D?

Well, any object which was printed in 3D was three-dimensional. Now, with the 4D will, will there be a new dimension? It is no sci-fi. The 4D version only adds a new dimension.

This means that objects can change over time due to external elements like temperature, atmospheric humidity, etc.

Some possible executions of this can be in the healthcare sector where medicine capsules only react when they come into touch with specific conditions in the body. Now in the fashion industry, apparel can be made so that a design fits individual bodies in various ways.

  • DNA computing

Are you wondering how to use those little silicon chips for computing? DNA computing might be the future technology people need for using DNA!

This technology is quite new, and scientists at Columbia University and the University of New Mexico are merely experimenting with it.

They use the various strands of DNA to create a DNA logic gate that represents each specific input. The machine, called MAYA II, is mainly used for playing tic tac toe.

However, scientists believe it could identify the genetic markers in various types of diseases in the near future.

Other DNA calculators can only perform basic calculations but may become more complex in the future.

DNA computing might turn out to be a big deal in the coming years. students learning to become healthcare professionals might need to seek essay writing help because dealing with a topic on DNA computing might not be easy to deal with.

  • Space mining

Most of you have seen Avatar, where the humans visit an alien planet to excavate a rare ore and end up having an epic battle with the aliens!

Well, not quite sure about the possibility of aliens, but mining for rare minerals in asteroids and other space debris is possible now.

It is worthwhile to mine for materials such as iron, nickel etc. On asteroids as they are becoming quite rare on Earth but in high demand.

Scientists have calculated the price of all the minerals in the asteroids from Mars to Jupiter. It is equivalent to 100 billion dollars for every person on Earth. Space mining may become achievable in the future; you might even hear that aliens are there!

Wrapping it up,

The above-mentioned points can give insight to students about the future of the technology world.

When students realise there are many new career options emerging in near future, some of them are already in place. they want to learn about it and take it as their career.

There is lot of growth and scope in the technical field, show more and more students are taking an interest.

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