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What You Need To Know About Custom Printed Rigid Boxes

by Uneeb Khan

When you want your custom printed rigid boxes to be unique, you need to know what kinds of customizations are available. Rigid boxes are a great choice for promotional purposes. These boxes can include embellishments, which increase brand recognition, product visibility, and customer satisfaction. For example, embossing and debossing are two methods of adding raised texture or a depressed undersurface feel to the box. Embossed designs are especially attractive to consumers. Other customization options include window patching, which inserts a clear sheet into the box.

Customboxexpert Boxes

If your products are displayed in a retail setting, custom printed boxes are a great way to showcase them and capture more attention. These boxes can convey important information about the products inside, command attention on the retail shelf, and help you stand out from your competition. CUSTOMBOXEXPERT Boxes is a custom packaging solution that will help you create and print your own boxes with a range of different options. With low minimums and fast turnaround times, it’s easy to get started on a custom packaging solution today.

The design of custom printed rigid boxes is almost limitless. The box can be shaped to fit the product inside. Rigid boxes are made of sturdy chipboard, and the wrap is often personalized and decorated. They are also space-efficient and retail ready. And because they are rigid, they won’t bend or warp over time. You can design them to fit any product and have them made to order.

Rigid packaging boxes also provide a professional look to your product, making them a great investment for your brand. Your custom printed rigid boxes will add charm to your brand display and boost your profitability. Plus, because they’re rigid, they can withstand transitions and other harsh conditions. As long as they are made of quality paper, they’re sure to last for years. If you’re ready to create custom rigid boxes, contact CUSTOMBOXEXPERT Boxes today.

Soft-Touch Coating

Rigid boxes are one of the most attractive packaging options for companies that wish to market their products through a more elegant presentation. Made from solid chipboard that is wrapped in a thin paper covering, these boxes offer a luxury feel. Rigid boxes are also highly durable and retail-ready. Depending on their size, shape, and design, rigid boxes can feature any type of information or design that a customer might want.

To add a luxurious feel, your printed custom boxes may have a glossy surface. This coating reduces the brightness of the packaging and increases its light reflection, creating a shiny appearance. For some products, it may also be desirable to have a water-based coating to repel moisture. In addition to the soft-touch finish, your custom printed rigid boxes can made with a glossy or matte finish. These types of finishes have different properties, so you can choose the best option to suit your products.

If you wish to get a smoother look for your product, consider a Soft-touch finish. It adds a professional look to your boxes and is the perfect finishing touch for an unboxing experience. As a bonus, this finish is resistant to scuffing during the finishing process, making it an excellent choice for matte or solid-colored boxes. A soft-touch finish is more expensive than a matte finish, but it is worth the extra money.

Foil Stamping

Foil stamping on rigid boxes is a decorative technique that gives packaging a golden shine and a classy look. Foil stamping is a printing process that uses pressure and heat to create unique printed designs on a product. It is a great choice for products that require large areas of coverage and generous color palettes. To learn more about foil stamping, read on. This article will provide an overview of the process and what to expect when you choose foil stamping on your packaging.

In addition to foil stamping, hot stamping can used in combination with different laminates and coatings to add even more impact to the product. For example, a gloss finish can make the entire box shine. To achieve this finish, you can apply a film or liquid coating. Various types of coatings are available, including Gloss UV Coating and Gloss Laminate. These materials are more expensive, but they will give your packaging a luxurious look.

Hot foil stamping is another popular finishing solution. This type of stamping uses a hot die and a cold die, and it is an attractive, high-quality finishing option. Many advantages of this process include its durability and environmental friendliness. For packaging manufacturers, cold foil stamping is a low-cost, attractive finishing option that adds a premium look to a product while remaining environmentally friendly. It also allows you to explore new graphic avenues without the cost of custom printing.

Die-Cut Foam Inserts

If you are looking for a custom-printed packaging solution for your fragile products, you might consider using die-cut foam inserts. This type of packaging can protect your products from scratches and extreme temperature changes, while remaining lightweight and easy to customize. Corrugated cardboard inserts are also available, and they are a sturdy option for a custom-printed rigid box. These are available in both black and white, and you can even customize them with a printed logo.

You can even order custom-cut foam inserts for your rigid boxes as a sample. This way, you can test their performance in the packaging. You can also choose between UV, Spot UV, AC, and Inline Aqueous Coating. Once you’ve chosen the style and quantity, it’s time to determine the cost. Die-cut foam inserts are typically more expensive than custom-printed boxes, but can save you a lot of money on packaging materials.

The best use for die-cut foam inserts in custom-printed rigid boxes is for products that require extra protection and sturdiness. For example, glass products may better packaged in a rigid box. However, the type of foam used for rigid packaging isn’t as important as the shape of the packaging. A custom-printed rigid box with die-cut foam inserts is a great way to make your products stand out from your competitors.

Multi-Use Designs

A unique packaging design is an excellent approach to rigid packages. These boxes come in many different shapes and designs, so your company can choose one that best meets your needs. Multi-use designs boost the value of your packaging. Partition-style boxes contain multiple compartments that are ideally suited for storing various products. Handle boxes provide easy handling and secure storage for the product. These boxes are a popular choice for retail companies and other products.

If your brand focuses on sustainability, you can opt for a luxury box that has a rigid lid and a compact design. Luxury boxes are also available, with options such as string or hook closures. For a unique look, consider creating a design that shows your commitment to sustainability. These boxes are a great way to show your commitment to environmental protection. They are also a cost-effective option if you need to promote your brand’s green credentials.

Another advantage of a custom rigid box is its versatility. Because they are customizable, you can choose a design that conveys your brand’s message to customers. This will help your company build a strong reputation in the market and boost your profits. Custom-printed rigid boxes are highly durable, so your products will remain intact for many years. If your business wants to increase its brand awareness and increase its profits, a high-quality rigid box should be a top priority.


Rigid boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are ideal for several products and purposes. They are durable, retail-ready and can customized to fit your products. They are also a great choice for sensitive items such as jewelry, candles, cosmetics, and much more. Custom-printed rigid boxes can keep your products safe from damage during transportation and storage while delivering a luxurious experience. They are a great option for a business that needs to present their product in a professional manner. https://www.customboxexpert.com/product/custom-rigid-boxes/

While custom rigid boxes are not the cheapest packaging options, they can help your product stand out from the crowd and enhance brand recognition. In addition, they are a beautiful and appealing way to present your products, allowing them to be more memorable to your customers. They are also durable and shock-proof, making them an excellent choice for retail commodities. The right rigid box can add a unique style to any product and create a lasting impression on your customer.

There are a few factors that you should consider before ordering your custom printed rigid boxes. If you live in the North America, you can choose free shipping. If you need your boxes faster, you may pay a small fee for rush delivery. You should ask about shipping options and delivery time before you place your order. You should check out several websites to find the best option for your needs. Most custom printed rigid boxes are designed to last a long time and hold products securely in transit.

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