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7 Best Email Marketing Tools for Small Business & Trades

by Uneeb Khan

Small businesses can focus on many things without the resources and budget of an enterprise or midsize company. Because they require software that makes it easy to run a high-quality business, their decisions about tech tools and software suites can often be more important than those of larger companies. Email marketing tools are plentiful for small businesses.

This is logical. Email marketing remains a powerful tool for small businesses due to its flexibility with brand and image. It’s also valuable because, while having a trendy Instagram page is great, IG is still driven primarily by an algorithm. Emails go directly into a prospect’s inbox, which means that a formula doesn’t decide who sees your best content. Email marketing is a tremendous relationship-building channel. There are many options; how do you choose the right email marketing tool to fit your small business?

What geographies should I look for in an email selling tool?

Email marketing stages today do much more than sending emails to your readers. Before you choose the right email marketing tool to fit your small business, there are many options and features that you should consider.

Drag & Drop Builder

Small businesses need to create eye-catching HTML emails to get their newsletters and promotions read in their inbox. These emails contain elements other than plain text. They include images, colors, and font styles. It isn’t easy to show HTML email in different email clients, such as View, Gmail, and Yahoo. Small businesses need a drag-and-drop email builder to create well-designed emails that look great to all email clients.

Small businesses can double the benefits of drag & drop email builders. It is easy to create email layouts, add text, and pull in images. They can render HTML emails flawlessly in any email client and keep [pii_email_e9d48ac2533bded18981] email sending error away. Spend time using the drag and drop editor to test the ease of use while trying an email tool. It is a good idea to send a few test emails to the clients you use the most to ensure you get the desired results.

Admin Tools

Even small businesses can be structured in complicated ways. Your email advertising tool should allow you to work capably. If you need to manage communication channels in different departments, sub-accounts may be necessary.

Small businesses may require a way to share templates across clients’ accounts with clients such as consultants, business coaches, and marketing agencies. Your interaction list grows with your email selling efforts. There’s money in your contacts lists, and you don’t want any client or employee to steal your confidential data. You should evaluate all options to protect your lists if security is important to your small business.

Delivery Tools

Email marketing is hard. Not all emails will reach the inbox. You can take steps to protect your sender’s reputation and ensure you’re sending as many emails as possible. When comparing platforms, be sure to consider the delivery assistance they offer. Email proof Spam checkers, white label IP and DKIM validation can give your business an edge in the fight for the inbox.

List Building

As they build their email lists, small trades can reach a large audience. You can capture a larger spectator with list-building tools like online forms, surveys, and polls. Look at the list-building tools of any new email marketing platforms you are considering. Are they equipped with forms? Do they integrate seamlessly with your site? You need to understand if you will require a technical resource to use any list-building tools that an email marketing platform provides.

List Segmentation

You want to ensure that your email marketing messages are relevant to all recipients. segmentation is where you come in. It’s a highly competitive marketplace, so sending generic messages to all your customers is unlikely to get noticed.

Small businesses can use a list of contacts that opened an email or clicked on a link to help them refine their messages and increase engagement. Compare email tools to ensure you have a way to slice and dice your contacts data; thus, easily, you can get the right message out to the right people with each send.


Automation is helping small businesses increase their email marketing efforts by delivering the right message at the right moment. You can send one-to-1 emails to large lists of contacts with email automation. Email automation consists of a set of actions and triggers that automatically fire.

Triggers are signals like a contact being added to a mailing list, opening an email, or clicking on a link. Actions can include steps such as sending an email or removing someone from a list. Small businesses can have powerful workflows with just a few triggers.

Mechanization could send an offer to an interaction that fills out a form. More complex automation can include email reminders to someone who has added an item to their shopping cart but hasn’t yet purchased it. Automations differ from one platform to another, so make sure you understand the scope of automation actions and triggers before making your final decision.

The bottom line These email marketing tools are great for small businesses like Zetpo and others. They offer basic and advanced features such as segmenting, intelligent automation, list-building, and many other templates. While some tools will have a better feature list than others, the level of support they offer makes these email marketing tools stand out.

Ask your colleagues to share their opinions on different platforms. You can also post on LinkedIn or other platforms to find out. It’s not going to be faultless. There will always be things that need fixing. Support is essential! Don’t be intimidated by the number of email marketing tools. Email marketing is essential to establish relationships, grow, and sell. You’ll be able to discover the best email marketing choice for you if you do your research.

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