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New social media platforms to keep an eye out 

by Nadan Niazi

With technology advancing rapidly and competition so fierce, the digital marketing landscape is always changing. This is especially true when it comes to social media platforms, with some of the biggest players having only come up around the last decade. In fact, there are plenty of new up-and-coming social media platforms that are just waiting to blow up. As 2020’s COVID pandemic has no doubt changed the way we communicate and socialise, this factor has no doubt contributed to our changing social interactions online. 

So, below we have listed a few upcoming social media platforms that you should start to be aware of. We will explain to you how it works, its main user base, and how you should approach it. If you are an international digital marketing agency, then this is a great time to read on to learn more!


As some people may know, Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows creators to interact live with their audience in real time. It was initially created for gamers and video game enthusiasts but has since branched out to a wider demographic. For example, players can record and stream themselves playing a particular game such as Minecraft or Fortnite while the audience watches and sends in comments. Some creators also offer more exclusive content on their paid subscription plan. Aside from gaming content, you will also be able to find live streams relating to art, music, cooking and more. Furthermore, Twitch also offers interactive live shows such as esports events. This will be broadcasted to its 30 million average daily visitors.

Most audience members tend to be on the younger side, with around 70% of its viewers being between 16-34 years old. So, in terms of a marketing perspective, this is a great platform to build a community, so that brands can engage with their target audiences on a more personal and relatable level. 

Brands can also pick where to place their ads, much like YouTube. It can either be on the homepage carousel or integrated into the live broadcast. They can also choose to sponsor a specific streamer who is likely going to use their products when streaming. 


Much like Twitch, Discord used to be a platform made with gamers in mind. Most gamers would use Discord as a way to stream games and connect with other people in their community. Recently though, Discord is planning to grow beyond this niche community. According to a blog written by CEO Jason Citron, “As time passed, a lot of you realised, and vocalised, that you simply wanted a place designed to hang out and talk in the comfort of your own communities and friends.” 

While Discord currently does not offer any ads on its platform, it is a fantastic place to build a strong community by regularly engaging with users. Chatting with users can also help a brand gain feedback on its product and services and what can be improved about it. Because so far everything is organic, brands need to invest in their audiences and be willing to play the long game.


Clubhouse differs slightly from traditional social media sites in that it focuses on an audio-only connection between the audience and speakers. It is similar to a podcast but in a more personal manner. This way, people can use it to share information with their audience who can also talk back in real time. Topics are endless – they can range from business to relationship discussions, to comedy clubs and more. However, currently, it is invite-only, meaning it is not public to use, yet. This is because the developers have stated that they want to get the app just right before releasing it to the public. 

Right now, people are still not really sure hot Clubhouse can work for brands and marketers. It remains to be seen, although a few people are already experimenting with it. Some people have considered hosting informal focus groups or starting conversations about interesting topics related to your company, as well as hosting a thought leader in your particular industry.


Originally a lip-syncing app, TikTok has grown into a prominent social media platform. The platform allows users to film short videos that are played on a repetitive loop, similar to Vine. It also allows you to add filters, captions and fun effects to spice things up. Like most other social media platforms, it is mainly used by those under 30 years old, with the vast majority of them being Gen Zers. One way to get your TikTok noticed is through using hashtags and its ‘discover’ tab. This is where users sift through any trending hashtags to find something they like. Aside from being entertaining, the app can also be used to make a brand seem more relatable. For instance, The Washington Post uses it to post behind the scenes in its newsroom.

Right now, we are seeing fashion, publishing, and other entertainment companies starting to use TikTok. As the platform quickly grows, we may see it start to enter other industries. Allowing them to get creative with their marketing tactics.


Recently, with everything going on with Twitter, people have been flocking towards Mastodon. But what exactly is it? Unlike previous social media platforms, Mastodon is a decentralised social network, made up of different servers that are organised into specific topics, themes, or interests. People are supposed to join servers, engage with one another in conversations (like on Twitter), and follow each other. However, because it is made up of thousands of independent servers, you need to either create or pick a server to host your account. 

Due to its decentralised nature, you cannot go through a single person or platform to start marketing on Mastodon. Additionally, the platform has stated it will not run ads or push profiles. However, despite these restrictions, there are still interesting ways to use Mastodon to your advantage.  

Mastodon can be used for market research. This is because most servers are a self-contained community focused on a specific topic, locality, shared interest, or even career. As such, if you are part of the right server, you can get access to the places your target demographic may be in, and better understand their needs and pain points. You can also run affiliate marketing and sponsorship campaigns through Mastodon. You will just have to do slightly more digging to find the right accounts.

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