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A Guide to Installing and Maintaining Artificial Grass in NZ 

by Uneeb Khan

Synthetic lawns, also known as artificial grass, are becoming more and more popular with homeowners in New Zealand. Artificial grass means you don’t have to worry about fertilizing, watering, or mowing your lawn. Instead, you get a lush, green lawn that’s easy to care for. Installing artificial grass is a big job, but if you do it right, you’ll get a lawn that’ll last for years. In this post, we’ll show you how to get the ground ready for artificial grass and give you some maintenance tips to help extend your artificial lawn’s life.

How to Prepare the Ground for Artificial Grass:

Proper ground preparation is crucial to ensure your artificial grass installation is successful. Here are the key steps:

1. Remove all existing plant cover, grass, and debris. It is essential to remove all objects and plant cover from the site. Dig down at least 2 inches to remove all roots.

2. Make sure the ground is level and even. Use a board to level out the area and then use a rake and shovel to get rid of any loose dirt. If there are any low spots, use a plate compacter to make sure the soil is compacted.

3. Create a weed barrier by installing a strong weed barrier cloth over the entire area. Artificial grass won’t be able to get through it, so make sure the barrier is strong enough to keep weeds and other plants away.

4. Add a drainage system. A proper drainage system is vital to prevent water pooling under the turf. Dig trenches around the perimeter and install drainage pipes. Backfill with gravel.

5. Add a base layer. A base layer of crushed granite or limestone provides ideal drainage and stability for the artificial grass. Spread 3-4 inches of base material and compact thoroughly.

6. Fine grade the base. Do a final grading to ensure a perfectly flat and level base. The artificial grass backing needs full contact with the base surface.

Once the ground is properly prepared, the artificial grass can be installed on top following the manufacturer’s recommendations. Proper seam placement and gluing/seaming of the edges and seams will provide a flawless finish.

How to Maintain Artificial Grass for Maximum Lifespan:

With proper care and maintenance, high-quality artificial grass should last 15-25 years. Here are some tips for keeping your synthetic turf looking great:

  • Remove debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt regularly using a brush, rake, or broom. Don’t let debris mat down the grass blades.
  • Plush, straight artificial grass blades back up with a stiff brush. This “fluffs” the fibers and maintains the lush look.
  • Spot-clean any spills or stains with water and mild detergent. Don’t use harsh chemicals.
  • Infill maintenance is crucial. Spread extra infill in high-traffic areas to protect the turf backing.
  •  During dry weather, spray turf with water to prevent static buildup and flatten blades.
  • Avoid excessive heat and sunlight exposure which can damage the grass over time. Mist cooling the grass on hot days.
  • Check for tears, rips, or gaps along the seams. Have a pro repair any damage right away.
  • Consider rotating high-traffic areas or using furniture coasters to spread out wear patterns. 

With proper installation and regular care, your artificial grass can stay beautiful and last for many years to come. Prep the ground properly, buy quality materials, and maintain it well. Your synthetic turf lawn will provide endless enjoyment!


Installing artificial grass is a big investment that can pay off for years if done right. Follow these tips for prepping the ground, buying quality materials, and properly maintaining your turf. With the right attention, your new lush green lawn will look perfect year after year. Contact the artificial grass experts at [Unreallawns] if you’re interested in installing a durable, realistic synthetic lawn in the Auckland area.

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