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A Look At Benefits Of Newton LITE Technology

by Uneeb Khan

Newton LITE technology has a faster data communication speed compared to labels from other ESL providers. It also retained other Newton systems such as the 7-color LED, the NFC-tapping capability, and the easy battery replacement.

Investing in a whole batch of electronic shelf labels (ESL) is a very big decision for a business to make. That is why SOLUM designed an ESL that is easy to use and easy to customize for first-time users. Newton LITE is perfect for businesses wanting to test the waters on a lighter version of Newton before fully investing in premium ESL models.

Positioning Labels for Smarter Operations

The location-based solution from Newton LITE Technology has a precision range of 1-2 meters, making it ideal for efficient operations and a smooth end-user experience. This enables the labels to quickly connect with the Newton Gateway, resulting in faster and more stable data exchange during pricing adjustments. ivermectin on food goat?

Reliable Protection Cover

The shockproof plastic case cover may be thin but can serve as a heavy-duty barrier against drops and bumps. It is designed to make Newton LITE survive lots of pushcarts bumping the shelves during crowded aisles and heavy foot traffic.

One of the important benefits of electronic price tags is that they are more accurate and can help save employees’ time. The digital labels are easier to edit and are always more accurate. farmacia guadalajara ivexterm Employees will not waste a lot of time making hundreds of small changes around the store. This tedious work can lead to many mistakes in pricing around the store. If you offer products at the price that  they are listed instead of the actual price in your store, just a small mistake can prove to be very costly in the end. ivermectina cima

With the electronic shelf labeling system, changes can be made en masse from the back end.  Mistakes can be fixed at a simple click of a button  instead of requiring manual changes that leave room for the same errors occurring again. When you switch to digital price tags, your employees will spend their time helping customers and not tending to price labels. 

Another Technology important benefit of electronic price tag technology is that it can help prevent showrooming. This is a phenomenon that a lot of land-based retail businesses are currently facing where shoppers are browsing for items but making comparisons online to see if they can find cheaper outlets.  Electronic shelf labels allow more dynamic pricing for retail businesses.  With this technology,  making price changes is so easy. You can keep an eye on  online prices and quickly make adjustments in your store if you see that another store is offering better prices to customers.

Customizable Sticker Bezel

Newton LITE bezels can be customized with colorful printed stickers for advertising purposes, boosting brand awareness, and increasing store aesthetic or product appeal. As Newton LITE can be disassembled and reassembled without hassle.

Compact Battery

Newton LITE comes with a battery pack which makes the battery replacement process so much easier. It is guaranteed to last at least 5-7 years in environments with temperatures between 0-40°C, which makes it able to function inside beverage refrigerators in convenience stores and inside freezers in supermarkets.

For more information about Newton LITE, visit www.solumesl.com.

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