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A Step-by-Step Guide for Product Branding Strategy

by Uneeb Khan
John Jezzini

How may the product and brand identity be combined? Here we teach you step-by-step guide for Product Branding Strategy and company brand is very essential. But so is the product brand. We define product branding and walk you through the process of developing a product branding strategy. One of the best examples of product branding will also be presented.

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1. Develop a Brand Identity

You should start putting everything into action once you’ve finished defining the company’s beliefs and objectives throughout the branding process. By developing a visual identity, you may turn your brand identity into a product brand.

2. Select a Color Palette.

A key component of product branding is the color scheme, which should be considered from the very beginning of the design process. The chosen color scheme enables maintaining the brand’s consistency. Additionally, the colors help customers recognize a brand.

3. Select Appropriate Typefaces

You should keep in mind that typefaces are chosen not only for printed materials like leaflets, brochures, and the Internet but also for things like commercials and packaging. It is a crucial component of the visual identity since the proper typeface makes branding materials more visible and readable. Furthermore, the typeface used in the logo or on the package plays a significant role in how well a company is remembered.

4. Design a Logo for The Merchandise

Each product, like any brand, needs a distinctive logo of its own. Whether the mark is simple or complex is up to you. To ensure that the logo conveys the intended message and helps people recognize the goods, you need also to specify the color, typeface, and style. Customers should be able to identify the product when viewing a certain emblem, as is the case with the aforementioned brands, Pepsi or Coca-Cola. They are unique due to their distinguishing marks, and customers do not connect them to other products. The logo is one of the most crucial visual components in product branding because of this.

5.Design Packaging

The packaging must have a coordinating color scheme and the relevant components must be arranged properly, just like a logo. It must also include details about the brand of the maker and the logo of the product. You cannot, however, remove other details, such as the product’s specification, composition, nutritional information, and, in the case of food products, the use-by date. Anyone who shops at grocery stores is aware of how packaging affects the selection of products.

6. Employ Experts (Skilled Employees)

Don’t forget that the human element has a significant impact on the branding of the organization as well as the products. All necessary actions must be planned, made, and executed by someone, preferably up to the process’ conclusion.

As a result, you should think about employing seasoned professionals or giving your employees formal training in branding, marketing strategy, and client relations.

Employees must comprehend the entire organization, including its mission, objectives, and product values. They ought to be aware of the tone and content of the communications they intend to convey to their audience.

The hard work of many people is crucial to the success of the product branding strategy. To accomplish the agreed-upon aims, more than just one or two staff are required. Actually, it calls for teamwork. Alternatively, this procedure could be left in the hands of an outside business, like the Nopio agency, which provides corporate branding consultation in addition to many other services.

7. Maintain Consistency Across all Relevant Factors

The secret to effective product branding is maintaining consistency across all developed visual aspects to make the product as recognized as possible.

All branding and marketing materials for a product should use the same colors, fonts, etc. to accomplish this. They must be unmistakably connected to this product. Your advertising campaigns won’t be effective and produce the required outcomes until then.

Which businesses have truly successful branding strategies? Cases of product branding

It is challenging to discuss any subject without using examples. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are mentioned repeatedly throughout the article, so you are already familiar with them. We do, however, have a few more illustrations of excellent product branding techniques.

The Corporate Branding Plan of Apple

One of the most well-known brands of electronics is Apple. No one in the entire world is likely unaware of their cell phones, laptops, tablets, and other gadgets. Even its own operating system and app marketplace are owned by the same business.

Of course, a strong brand strategy and product branding that produces distinctive product brands determine the brand’s success.

The Apple brand bases its product branding efforts on emotion and experience, which are produced through effective product design or continuing innovation.

Because of the owner’s vision and his success in pursuing those who shared his beliefs, Steve Jobs, it was feasible to develop goods that were wholly revolutionary (at least at the time). It alludes to projects’ and commercials’ verbal and visual originality.

Apple products have always stood out for their simplicity combined with cutting-edge features. The company is still detail-oriented, which enables it to get to know its clients better and, as a result, better suit their demands. The business creates a community around its products as well as customer trust.

The most significant ideas for Steve Jobs were those that served as his guidelines for developing a strategy for product branding. If you create a brand, you must be aware of the ideals it stands for. You cannot rely on others to think of them.

Corporate Branding for Harley-Davidson

The Harley brand’s designers concentrated on giving it human traits. They were able to create a stronger bond between consumers and the brand’s goods in this way.

How does it function? Different personality traits are displayed by the brand. A certain group of clients will be more interested in one brand than another, just as some personalities attract one another while others do not.

Due of the emotional connection the target market has with the brand, it is crucial to describe these traits. Because of this, Harley-Davidson products are rigid and disobedient. They exhibit a macho demeanor that is passionate about freedom and America.

The whole visual and verbal message is then guided by these values. You will undoubtedly find it simpler to comprehend how incorporating human traits into branding enables it to best represent the product as a result of this.

McDonald’s Marketing Plan for its Products

McDonald’s is unquestionably a unique brand. You can eat the same food in McDonald’s restaurants anywhere you go because of the uniformity concept. No matter where they are or where they are from, customers appreciate stability and fair pricing.

Given that it is the most popular and well-known emblem in contemporary history, the McDonald’s logo serves as the best example of branding. In any location where it occurs, it draws attention since it is fascinating. Everywhere you look, you will see it, whether it is on a neon sign, a banner, or a screen. This logo was easy to remember because of its unique combination of vibrant colors and simplicity, which helped people connect it with savory foods.

The McDonald’s brand was destined to become well-known as it became a staple of American culture. The variety of products it offers, including McDrive, Big Mac items, Happy Meals, and many others, actually fits the description of the American way of life and the McDonald’s brand well.

Nike’s Approach to Product Branding

A conversation about Nike would be incomplete without mentioning the fabled Swoosh emblem. The Nike brand story focuses on how the company grew from a tiny shoe manufacturer to a global leader in the sports and fitness industries.

Nike is now practically at the top of the list of successful worldwide brands thanks to the Swoosh emblem. Additionally, the business excels at establishing and enhancing a brand’s image.

Nike is well-known throughout the world. Sports, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle are becoming more and more well-known because of the brand.

The reason Nike has such a strong hold on the sports business is due to its ability to create a distinctive brand identity, its steadily rising popularity, and the enormous success of the logo. Michel Jordan’s opinions and those of other stars and celebrities helped shape the brand.

A business gains credibility when it uses an expert or someone who endorses the brand.

Starbucks’ Approach to Product Branding

Since its inception, Starbucks has been a recognizable brand that, both in the US and internationally, sets the standard for coffee consumption outside of the home and workplace. The parent corporation has numerous subsidiaries.

Product branding continues to be one of the key factors in Starbucks’ recognition even now.

Building a brand identity has cost the business a lot of money and branding efforts. Everything was taken care of, including the stores, food, and beverages.

Starbucks’ visionaries concentrated on identifying long-term objectives and directions. A method like this enables the creation of brand-related dreams. Long-term business decisions are impacted at the same time.

Starbucks strives to be the world’s leading coffee supplier. This coffee shop chain’s success undoubtedly has a lot to do with the company’s vision. You may take substantial steps in the direction of success after you have a strong understanding of the brand and its objectives.

It’s also easy to recognize the Siren, the Starbucks logo. It has a classic circular design and unique white and green color scheme that conveys freedom.

The Product Branding Strategy of IKEA

One of the greatest revenue-producing companies in the world is IKEA. It has enormous brand assets. Additionally, according to the Forbes rating, it was one of the 50 most valuable global brands. The corporation is fully aware of what consumers want nowadays, which is a product that combines affordability, high quality, appealing pricing, usability, and aesthetic appeal. Ikea became a well-known brand around the world due to its capacity to satisfy customer needs.

Advanced consumer and market research is used to assist IKEA’s brand strategy. Additionally, the business bases all marketing choices on consumers’ prior experiences, resulting in proactive brand actions. Take their blue bag, which many people use for shopping, as an illustration. Additionally, the ads are designed to demonstrate that only a small number of things are required to improve your home.

IKEA customizes its stores to reflect local traditions in each nation. Customers from all around the world value it, and the business becomes family- and single-friendly. Few people are aware that Inter IKEA Holding is the parent company and that each shop is actually one of its sub-brands, customized to the specific country’s culture, customs, and conditions.

Introducing a New Product to a New Market is a Difficult but Rewarding Journey.

Each company started from scratch on the market, and each product was once brand-new. To succeed, a firm must put out the effort. The concept of product branding necessitates extensive research and planning. If everything is done right, the chances of success grow dramatically, but naturally, nothing good ever happens overnight.

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Time to Release Your Products

You can now distinguish between a brand’s identity and that of a product. You are also adept at building a brand for a product. Furthermore, it is no longer a surprise to you that brand guidelines, including a logo, colors, visuals, and communication, are among the numerous components that make up a product’s branding. After reading our resources, you will be fully prepared to build your brand, construct a unique personality, and brand your products.

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