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All about Instagram guide

by Uneeb Khan

How many fan bases do you own? Is the number is in the 1000s? Then you have studied Instagram guides? Most of the high number ignore the value of an Instagram guide, and that little ignorant child has the power that takes you to the million. But how? If you want to create creative content for your Uk Instagram followers or the community, learn about the Instagram guide.

So, the Instagram guide is the perfect software for sharing scrollable, curated content with the fan bases.

It offers users a straightforward means to use Instagram collection posts and places items in the most more accessible format.

Instagram Guides 

As it is beneficial to buy Instagram likes Uk for your Instagram growth, it is also essential to learn about guides. You can say it is a small blog on the photo-sharing app. It permits Instagrammer to scroll via content curates follow with commentary same as any blog post.

You can use them for the following:

  • restaurant reviews
  • travel recommendation
  • FAQ guides
  • content roundups
  • item highlights
  • curates gift guides
  • more

Do you know what makes it unique? It can curate products, feed posts, or locations from across this photo-sharing app. Along with it, the guides are like all under one roof. The dedicated area for your account is the picuki Instagram Guides option or tab.

When the Instagrammer hits your guide’s specific feed, they are move towards the original content. It is just offering a novel life to your old posts and content.

So here are offering your Uk Instagram followers old content with a twist. So what are you? Take Do you feel excited about it? Would you desire to try it and bring more fans? If yes, then here you go!

 How to create the Instagram Guide

To make the first Guide, you need to hit the icon plus on the right of the profile page and then hit the potion guide. Once you have done this, you need to pick from 3 different formats:

  • post
  • products
  • places

So here, you need to pick the kind of guide you like to make and follow in-application prompts to organize the content.

Now you have selected the Posts, Products, and places that you like to feature in the guide, you can re-arrange the block. Here you can incorporate the title and change the cover photos. So, what do you think?

Once you feel satisfied with the created guides, pick the “NEXT” option and press the option share.

Remember, the published are never shared to the profile feed. Instead, they are lodged on the dedicated Guides tab on the profiles. 

Types Of Instagram Guides

Do you know there is various type of guides? If not, then you are at the right place:

Place Guide Instagram 

So here comes the first guide type, a collection of Instagram places. This guide is best for travel recommendations, restaurant guides, city guides, etc.

You can find a location from the Instagram library to pick from the last site you have sales or tagged in feeds. When you select a place, you can choose images that have been mentioned that areas to show in the guide.

Product Guide

Here comes another type of guide that is product guides. This product guide is suitable for item releases, gift guides, roundups, and product recommendations.

 You can link and attach items mentioned on Instagram. If you like to add an item from a business Instagram shop, you even search or pick from the wishlist.

Instagram Post Guides

So here comes the third type of Instagram guide, which is post guides. It consists of Instagram feed content.

You can manage Instagram content that you’ve saved or created (even you are not the real creator of the post).

Indeed, Post Guide is great for curating lists and roundups— they are ideal for sharing current news educational content.

Where to Look for Instagram Guide

So most of you do not know how to get into the Instagram guide. For this, you need to visit the user’s profile and pick the icon guide from the profile feed.

Sometimes you are unable to view the content. BUT WHY! The profile you are visiting does not have the Instagram guides! Here is a top. You can find the product guides by visiting the SHOP TAB and hitting the guides icon.

 Best Practice:

Are you ready to make an excellent guide for businesses? Following are the top tips:

  • think about your audience’s desire 
  • share guides in stories
  • highlight the community
  • use Instagram guide to create a perfect relationship

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