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Ave Maria for Avocado

by Uneeb Khan

It is very rare for someone to completely let go of their dietary habits. For the majority of us out there, once we get comfortable with our food patterns, we stick to them; never letting go! We are essentially Gollum, fading into the background of our dark and dingy cave (which truth be told sounds quite cozy), adoring our ‘Precious’. It takes a particular something or someone to pique our interest in anything other than what we were accustomed to.

Change is indeed on the horizon. At present, social media dictates our lives. We glue ourselves to notice which trends are at their pinnacle, and which ones need to be canceled immediately (and there are a few). But it’s not ALL that bad. YES! You got it right! We ARE in fact talking about avocados. Avocados have taken the world by storm. You can also do fruits online shopping for easy convenience.

Well! Not really. We’ve been on the avocado wagon for as long as we can remember. VegEase has the ripest avocados in the business, and they are not disappearing anytime soon. With easy online access, and same-day fruits and vegetable delivery, we are one of the top contenders in the fruits and vegetable industry.

Forget Cakes, Let them eat Avocados in India

Avocados were a fairly common food in elite and high-end restaurants and hotels. However, this superfood has gained mainstream popularity, thanks to the high-ranking trends surrounding it. Whether it is Kourtney Kardashian’s avocado smoothie or Meghan Markle’s avocado toast, we are here for it! And the Indian population has to agree with us. Reports confirm that the sale of avocados had increased to USD 2.5 million by 2021. Ever since then, it has seen a steady incline. 

Is Avocado the right choice?

Something tells me that a lot of you are hesitant about the idea of avocado and avocado-based products. How can fat be good? Are there any allergies or side effects associated with the fruit? Let us squash your queries by explaining the myriad qualities and benefits of avocado.

Avocado and its Chemistry

The fruit is jam-packed with a plethora of vitamins including but not limited to B6, C, E, & K, and omega-3 fatty acids. Yes! You must never consume too much of the fruit (doctors usually advise 50g). But when eaten within limits, it can leave you feeling fuller, while simultaneously breaking down carbs in your body, stabilizing the blood sugar level, and keeping your heart healthy. Avocados are high in fiber, which can easily relax upset stomachs and assist in natural detoxification. They are also recommended to stall aging and declining vision.

Avocado as food

Avocado is perhaps one of the most versatile foods ever. Mexicans were the first to use it as a guacamole, which has spread around the world like wildfire. They make a great smoothie and are an even better addition to the salads. They can be incorporated in dressings, especially with the ‘Green Goddess salad’.  Although it might seem unorthodox, they do taste amazing when made into an ice cream. They can also be made into hydrating juices, which leave you with radiant skin.

People are seldom afraid of gaining weight. Therefore, they tend to avoid even essential fats. Naturally, it erodes the concept of a balanced diet and hampers their health. Avocados though rich in fat have the opposite effect. Consuming them will leave you feeling full for hours, eradicating the desire to eat more. Thus, they mesh well with a calorie-restricted diet. 

Avocado for your daily skincare routine

The chemistry of avocados is unique. Therefore, it is hard to miss out on its complex mix of ingredients. One thing we can all agree on is it makes for a great moisturizer. Avocado oil and butter promote collagen production, which keeps your skin looking smooth, supple, and soft. It can also be used as an alternative to medicine. You don’t have to tolerate dry, patchy, or sunburned skin anymore, as long as you continue using it. It can also help treat dry and brittle nails.

Avocado face masks are gaining traction by the day. Making the mask is not a hard process and can be achieved with a mix of the items that you already have in your refrigerator.

Avocado for your hair needs

The fats and vitamins present in avocado heal your scalp. Even the coarsest hair and the driest scalp can be treated with some avocado oil. It also repairs your hair cuticles, preventing breakage. It doesn’t matter if you are inclined towards hair oil, shampoo, or conditioner. As long as it contains avocado extract, you can be assured of a shiny, fuller, and healthy scalp.

Even something as basic as blending and juicing an avocado can bring about these differences. Avocado juice nourishes your scalp and rejuvenates the hair, coating them in a protective layer.


By now, you must have understood the various ways you can incorporate avocados into your life, no matter what it might be! However, it goes without saying that they might not always be readily available. Fear not! The online delivery services are there for your rescue. Now, you can avail these ‘Precious’ fruits at the ease of your home. You may use multiple apps, but VegEase still remains one of the most popular and affordable applications when shopping for avocados. Accessibility, Affordability, Convenience, and Delivery are what sets us apart. So the next time you are shopping for avocados online, you will experience it.

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