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Treatment And Rehabilitation Procedures of Three Types of Preventions

by Uneeb Khan
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Socialization Process

There are several reasons to develop health promotion from the school environment. The school constitutes one of the main agents of socialization, together with the family and the peer group. And it is there, where the socialization process initiated in the family continues. Either by reinforcing the attitudes generated in it or by modifying it in those cases in which it is necessary. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

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Maturation Process

It also acts on the students in a phase of the maturation process in which the intervention of the adult has a great incidence. Since throughout the school age the students subject to changes. And moments of crisis that expose them to multiple risks to health.

Teachers Preventive Agents

Another important aspect is the compulsory nature of schooling, which implies that all people must go through it during the most important period of personality formation. And teachers, as well as other components of the educational community. They are preventive agents due to their closeness with the students and their educational role.

Quality Of Life

The World Health Organization (WHO) defined prevention as any action that tends to improve the quality of life, reform social institutions and help the community to tolerate a greater diversity of life forms.

Personal Growth

It also states that prevention is a permanent practice of education, respect, encouragement, and norms that lead to defining a lifestyle, based on freedom and personal growth.

Ethical Development

The author agrees with this conceptualization where the process of influence of education considers, which promotes the emotional strength of man and his ethical development, in systematic and intentional interaction of the school, the family and the community. Best Drug Rehab Centre in Lahore.

To Prevent, Cure and Rehabilitate

A few years ago, prevention differentiates into three types: primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention. This differentiation was equivalent, in a very synthetic way, to prevent, cure and rehabilitate.

Secondary Prevention

In primary prevention we intervene before the disease arises and its mission is to prevent its appearance. It is the most desirable type of prevention. In secondary prevention, the objective is to locate and treat as soon as possible. The diseases whose origin not prevents by primary prevention measures; that is, stop the progress of the disease that is in the early stages.

Treatment And Rehabilitation Procedures

Finally, tertiary prevention carries out some time after the disease declares and its objective is to avoid complications and relapses. It focuses on treatment and rehabilitation procedures for disease that already has clear clinical symptoms.

Three Previous Types of Prevention

In a more current terminology, the three previous types of prevention are partly equivalent to what is known as prevention (primary prevention), treatment (secondary prevention) and rehabilitation (tertiary prevention).

In recent years a new terminology imposes. It is what differentiates prevention into: universal, selective, and indicated.

Universal Prevention

Universal prevention aims at the members of a group, benefiting them all equally. Selective prevention is one that targets a subgroup that has a higher-than-average risk of becoming ill or engaging in a behavior that desires to avoids. It aims at risk groups. Finally, the indicated prevention is more intensive and more expensive. It targets a specific subgroup of the community who often already have a problem.

Both types of prevention have advantages and disadvantages. The selection will depend on the objective of the intervention, the target group to which it directs and the real possibilities that are available to be able to intervene.

School Prevention

The areas in which prevention carries out can be multiple. Prevention does at school, in the family, at work, at the community level, with specific groups, etc. In practice, the type of prevention that most develops has been school prevention, since with a universal preventive program, a significant impact achieves at low cost, reaching the entire universe.

However, although school prevention is very important and necessary, it is insufficient in many cases if it not accompanies by health promotion actions that intensively involve the family and the community.

Prevention Disease and Progression

On an international scale there is controversy as to whether preventive actions contain those of promotion, or on the contrary. They state that the latter are more general and contain the former. It states that prevention is the most general and divides it into prevention of the occurrence of a and prevention of its progression.

Health Protection

Within the first includes health promotion and specific protection.  the latter aims to prevent the occurrence of risk factors or determinants that predispose to illness. Both develops on the healthy population.

Preventing Addictions

There are no precise limits, therefore, health promotion tends to prevent the occurrence of the disease in a more general way; however, prevention to implement special measures to achieve more specific protection. In the author’s opinion, the main source of confusion lies in the fact that both have as an object of intervention the apparently healthy person who is the objective in the school when preventing addictions or drug dependencies, particularly alcoholism.

The author assumes drug dependence or drug addiction, terms used interchangeably in the specialized literature. As a chronic behavioral disorder in which the consumption of a substance becomes the highest priority for the individual. Above other interests held in the past. When the drug consumed is alcohol, it calls alcoholism.


In recent terms, the three types of protection are somewhat equivalent to call it prevention. (Primary prevention), treatment (secondary prevention) and. (Third prevention) rehabilitation

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