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Best Practices for Working SEO and PR Together

by MarketMillion
Best Practices for Working SEO and PR Together

Many years ago, no one could understand the magnitude of the impact of the internet on our lives. The good thing is that it’s happening, and it’s positive unless you don’t know how to tap on the perks it comes with. While PR and search engine optimization might be different disciplines, they can merge and enjoy massive benefits. However, there’re best practices you must adhere to when working press release and search engine optimization together.

Read on to learn more about them.

1. Embrace Link Building

The good thing with many press release companies is that they generate backlinks through non-paid stories and announcements. But you can slightly twist it if you’re well-versed with search engine optimization. This makes sense because most press release companies know little about search engine optimization.

Through your knowledge, you already understand that most links generated by press release companies are not optimized. Once they make their posts about their products and services and knit in the necessary backlinks, you can integrate search engine optimization for the best results.

Through such practices, you can take the company to higher heights. Therefore, you can merge your public relations and search engine optimization knowledge to stand out from the crowd.

2. Use Detailed Press Releases

Your primary aim should be to build your brand, help it grow, and gain a strong market presence. Unless you provide your press releases with detailed information, your brand might not live to attain the bottom line.

It’s imperative to ensure that the press release provides good value to the targeted audience. Amid crafting a unifying press releases and search engine optimization strategy, you should focus on important news so that the press release news is more appealing to the audience.

Valuable announcements always attract the attention of many bloggers and influencers. When that happens, the details of your company will attract major publications, helping your brand grow.

3. Embrace YouTube

Press releases and videos are a powerful combination for your company. But you should learn how to use them to your brand’s advantage. For instance, you can craft irresistible press releases, make videos about them and publish them on YouTube to get enough attention.

As you do that, you can accompany the clips with optimized descriptions for the best results. The good thing is that YouTube lets users post links in their video descriptions, so this is something you should take advantage of.

You can also include a few links in the comment sections to engage more internet users.

4. Build Many Internal Links

Many people feel that internal links are not so beneficial, but you should not be one of them. Through internal links, you can show the Google bot the way your press releases fit on the website you created.

Internal links are not hard to build if you understand search engine optimization. For example, you can create press releases and announcements related to a topic on your website and link them.

It’s also possible to link to other press releases within your site and connect them with a hyperlink. By doing that, you’ll gently compel the internet users to explore your website. It’s an easy way to leverage search engine optimization without being hard on your site visitors.

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