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Do You Consider Yourself an All-Rounder? You Will Like Felt Hats Then

by Uneeb Khan
Do You Consider Yourself an All-Rounder You Will Like Felt Hats Then

Back in the day, one wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing anything but a cowboy hat, which would be either straw or felt. Marveling at those days, you might ask how they chose between them. While modern fashion doesn’t follow the rules, the older days were more about functionality, so you can expect they must have some sound logic behind choosing one over the other. Earlier, cowboys would appear in their felt cowboy hats during fall. These also remained a go-to option for dressing up on occasions like weddings and parties.

You might also wear one, but without waiting for a special event. More precisely, your felt hat doesn’t need to remain locked in your wardrobe when you can pair it even with everyday wear. And if this sounds like good news, here is one more revelation – the hat also makes an excellent accessory for your business attire. Cowboy hats have been prevalent for centuries, boasting a legendary American heritage with its roots dating back to early settlers in the 1860s. And today, they are even more in demand than ever, with their unique sense of styling unmatched by any other kind of hat.

The right time to don your felt hat

Like others, you may be planning to add a felt cowboy hat to your wardrobe, but the one thing stopping you from investing in it can be your little knowledge about when to wear it. Don’t worry because most men face this problem. Here are some ideas for when to sport this cowboy hat style. The great thing is that you can flaunt them year-round. When you combine one with your summer wardrobe, you intend to protect your head and eyes from the scorching heat, and during colder months, you need it to warm up your head a little.

However, according to the widely propagated fashion dos and don’ts, felt hats are most appropriate to wear during the fall months, starting from September 1 until May 29. This hat trend has been on a high thanks to popular television characters who wear felt cowboy hats as part of their costume, albeit doing it unseasonably. Taking a cue from this, you know that your felt hat is relevant around the year. And you don’t have to think twice if you have a formal event to attend, as mentioned already. Wear a dark-colored hat with a tailored suit and dress cowboy boots, and you will be a dapper guest at a wedding, dinner invitation, or business meeting.

The best way to buy a felt hat

Like any other hat, you need to ensure that your cowboy hat fits you well, and it’s more important if you opt for a slightly warmer material like felt. Other things that can affect your decision are the quality of the material, the ability to protect you from the sun, and pricing. For a savvy hat person, the shape and style also matter.

The felt hat looks

Brown hat

Men with ruddy complexions look better in hats that tend toward the red and dark side of the spectrum. Hats in brown shades also complement all complexions, including rich olive. But it might not suit pale olive skin tone. With this hat color, you can pick your brown or green suits. They make for a great combination. Dark grey and blue suits are also acceptable, but they may not have the same appeal as the other ones.  

Blue hat

One specific color that will make any man’s complexion look its best is the color blue. Wearing a blue hat makes your eyes sparkle and can accentuate your ruddy skin tone and light-reddish blush. Blue can also complement lighter skin tones. You can match your blue felt cowboy hat with dark-blue or lighter-blue colored clothing to balance the tone. Some men pair the blue hat with tan and neutral brown suits.

Gray hat

Gray hats are a classic option that goes with almost anything. As a classic staple, your gray hat is both versatile and bold. Gray is more suitable for light complexions, as it is not only rich but attractive without being overwhelming otherwise. If you have blonde or brown hair, grey looks good on you, and everyone knows how important it is to feel confident when presenting yourself to the world. The hat color will blend well with your grey or green suits as they look beautiful together, so don’t you fret! Joining other beloved colors like black and blue, gray also pairs well with them because it elevates each of them into something elegant. However, if you wear your gray hat with brown fabrics, ensure not to match the shades too closely.

There’s something about a cowboy hat that oozes masculinity. Perhaps it has to do with the wide brim that casts a shadow over the wearer’s face or the way the hat seems to hug the head. Whatever the reason, cowboy hats are undeniably attractive to men. And while there are many different materials to pick from, felt is one of the best. Not only does it look incredible, but it’s also durable. So if you’re looking for an adorable cowboy hat that will last you for years, felt can be the way to go.

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