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BigCommerce Web Design Made Easy: Your Simple Guide to Success

by Uneeb Khan
BigCommerce Web Design Made Easy Your Simple Guide to Success

BigCommerce is a powerful tool in the world of online business. It’s like a special platform that helps people create their own shops on the internet. You know how there are different kinds of shops in your town? Well, BigCommerce helps people make shops on the internet, where you can buy things online.

Now, why is this important? Think of it like building a house. Just having a house isn’t enough; it needs to be well-designed and organized, right? Similarly, having an online shop isn’t enough; it needs to be designed in a way that makes it easy for people to use and buy things. This is where web design comes in. Web design is like the blueprint of a house; it plans how everything should look and work.

Thus, in this blog, we will explore the reasons to design your BigCommerce store, and we will get to know the process to do it easily. BigCommerce web designers are professionals who specialize in designing the BigCommerce platform in the way you want. So, let’s get started with the process.

Understanding BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce does a lot of cool stuff. It helps in selling things online, and it’s designed to work well on different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. So, no matter how an individual visits the online shop, it always looks good and is easy to use. It’s like having a shop that fits your needs.

BigCommerce is the right ecommerce platform. It can grow as your business grows. Imagine if your town gets more people, you might need to make your shop bigger. BigCommerce allows you to do that by giving you options to customize and expand your online shop.

The Impact of Web Design on Ecommerce Store Success

Think about going into a shop. If it’s messy and hard to find things, you might leave without buying anything. Similarly, if a website is confusing or slow, people might leave without purchasing. Web design ensures the online shop is easy to navigate. It’s like having clear signs and organized shelves in a physical store, making it more likely for people to buy things.

Also, imagine walking into a shop that looks old and dirty. Would you trust buying things there? Probably not. A well-designed website builds trust. It’s like having a clean and modern store, making customers feel safe and confident to shop.

Moreover, if a shop takes too long to open, you might get impatient and leave. Similarly, if a website is slow, people tend to leave. Web design helps in making the website load fast and work well with search engines. This way, more people can find the shop, and they won’t have to wait long for the pages to load.

Easy-to-Implement Web Design Best Practices

Responsive design is a big word for making sure the online store looks good and works well on phones, tablets, and computers. It’s important because people use all kinds of devices to browse the internet, so the shop must be friendly to all of them.

Intuitive navigation means making the online shop easy to explore. It’s like arranging items in a store in a logical order so customers can find what they need quickly. A well-designed online shop guides users effortlessly, encouraging them to buy more.

Having appealing visuals means using high-quality pictures and easy-to-read content. Imagine looking at a menu with delicious pictures of food; it makes you want to order, right? Similarly, good images and clear content on a website make people more interested in the products.

Additionally, having buttons and forms that are easy to click and fill out encourages customers to interact with the website. It’s like having friendly staff in a physical store who assist you in finding what you need. Interaction makes the shopping experience enjoyable and increases the chances of people making a purchase.

Personalizing Your Online Store

BigCommerce offers different themes and templates. Think of them as different styles for your shop, like choosing how your store should look and feel. Customization tools help in making the store unique. It’s like adding your own colors and decorations to your room to make it feel like home.

User-friendly customization means you can make changes to your shop without needing to be a computer expert. It’s like rearranging your furniture without heavy lifting. Anyone can do it easily, making the shop truly personalized.

Looking to the Future of Ecommerce Design

Ecommerce design is always changing, just like fashion trends. Imagine how clothes change styles; similarly, websites change designs. Emerging trends in web design are like the latest fashion styles; they make online shops look modern and attractive. Businesses that keep up with these trends are more likely to attract customers.

Forward-thinking design practices mean planning ahead. Just like preparing for a trip, businesses plan their online shop’s design for the future. By adopting innovative ideas, like trying out new travel destinations, businesses can stay ahead of the competition.


In summary of this blog, designing a more personalized and intuitive BigCommerce store is not that hard. You just need to focus on user-friendly designs, clear navigation, appealing visuals, and efficient integrations. Your BigCommerce business needs to adapt to new trends and technology.
Additionally, to design your store according to the trend, you can hire BigCommerce experts like MakkPress Technologies, a digital marketing company that is an expert in customizing ecommerce stores, especially BigCommerce.

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