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Chargers Quarterback Controversy: Who Should Start?

by Yasir Asif
Chargers Quarterback Controversy

The Chargers quarterback controversy has been the talk of the town, with fans and analysts alike weighing in on who should be leading the team’s offense. It’s a high-stakes situation that could make or break their season, and everyone wants to know: will it be seasoned veteran Philip Rivers or up-and-coming star Justin Herbert? In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into both quarterbacks’ strengths and weaknesses, examine how they’ve performed so far this season, and ultimately try to answer the question on every Chargers fan’s mind: who should start under center?

Introduction to the Chargers Quarterback Controversy

The Chargers have been embroiled in a quarterback controversy ever since they drafted Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in 2020. Many thought that veteran Tyrod Taylor would be the starter, but Herbert was thrust into the starting role after Taylor suffered an injury in Week 2.

Herbert has played well, but some think that the Chargers would be better off with Taylor under center. The debate has raged on all season, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be resolved anytime soon.

So who should start for the Chargers? Here’s a look at the case for both quarterbacks.

Tyrod Taylor:

-Taylor is a experienced quarterback who has started games in the NFL before. He’s familiar with the Chargers offense and knows how to run it effectively.

-Taylor is a mobile quarterback who can make plays outside of the pocket. This could come in handy against defenses that are able to pressure Herbert into making mistakes.

-Taylor is a good leader and has the respect of his teammates. They trust him to get the job done on Sundays.

Justin Herbert:

-Herbert has played well since taking over as the starter, throwing for 1,500 yards and 11 touchdowns in just six games. He’s shown that he can be a successful NFL quarterback.

The Candidates for Starting Quarterback

The Los Angeles Chargers have a quarterback controversy on their hands. Who should be the team’s starting quarterback? Philip Rivers or rookie Justin Herbert?

Rivers has been the Chargers’ starting quarterback since 2006. He’s a fan favorite and a team leader. But his production has declined in recent years, and some fans are calling for a change.

Herbert was drafted by the Chargers in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft. He’s a talented young player with a bright future. But he’s also inexperienced, and it’s unclear if he’s ready to start at this level.

So, who should be the Chargers’ starting quarterback? Rivers or Herbert? Let’s take a look at the candidates:

Philip Rivers:

Rivers has been the Chargers’ starting quarterback for 14 seasons. He’s one of the most experienced quarterbacks in the NFL, and he knows the team’s offense well. Rivers is also a good leader, and he has the respect of his teammates.

However, Rivers’ production has declined in recent years. He threw for just 4,615 yards and 23 touchdowns last season, both career lows. Rivers also threw 20 interceptions, tied for the most in the NFL. Some fans believe it’s time for him to step aside and let someone else take over.

Justin Herbert:

Herbert was drafted by the Chargers with the sixth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. He played his college football at Oregon , where he threw for 10,541 yards and 95 touchdowns in three seasons.

Herbert has the tools to be a successful NFL quarterback. He has a big arm, good mobility, and a great football IQ. However, he’s unproven at this level and it’s unclear if he’s ready to start right away.


The Chargers have two quarterbacks with very different skill sets and experiences. Rivers is an experienced veteran who knows the team’s offense well, but his production has declined in recent years. Herbert is an exciting young talent with a bright future, but he’s unproven as an NFL starter.

Ultimately, it will be up to head coach Anthony Lynn and the Chargers’ front office to make the decision on who should start at quarterback for Los Angeles in 2020.

Pros and Cons of Each Potential Starter

As the Chargers prepare for the upcoming season, there is much controversy surrounding who their starting quarterback should be. The two main contenders are Philip Rivers and Geno Smith. Here, we will take a look at the pros and cons of each potential starter to help you make your decision.

Philip Rivers has been the Chargers starting quarterback for the past 14 seasons. During that time, he has led the team to six divisional titles and helped them make it to the playoffs nine times. He is also a four-time Pro Bowl selection. Rivers has thrown for over 50,000 yards and 350 touchdowns during his career with the Chargers.

However, Rivers is now 37 years old and his best years are behind him. He struggled last season, throwing for only 4,308 yards and 23 touchdowns. His interceptions also went up, as he threw 15 picks compared to only 12 the previous year. Rivers’s age and declining stats make him a riskier choice as the Chargers starting quarterback this season.

Geno Smith was drafted by the Jets in 2013 but he never really found success there. He was released by New York after three seasons and spent last year as a backup on the Giants roster. However, Smith does have some experience starting in the NFL, which could give him an edge over Rivers.

In 2016, Smith started eight games for the Jets and threw for 2,525 yards and 13 touchdowns (along with 8 interceptions). While those numbers aren’t amazing, they’re still better than Rivers’s numbers from last season. Smith is also much younger than Rivers, which could be a benefit for the Chargers in the long run.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide who should be the starting quarterback for the Chargers this season. Both Rivers and Smith have their advantages and drawbacks, so consider all of the pros and cons before making your decision.

A Look at Recent Performance Stats

When it comes to the Chargers quarterback controversy, there are a few things to consider. First, let’s take a look at the recent performance stats for each of the quarterbacks in question.

 Philip Rivers has been the starting quarterback for the Chargers for several years now, and he has generally been pretty successful. In the past two seasons, he has thrown for over 4,000 yards and had a touchdown-to-interception ratio of about 2:1. However, he has also been sacked quite a bit and his overall QBR (quarterback rating) has been only slightly above average.

Rivers’ backup, Kellen Clemens, started a few games last season when Rivers was injured and did not do particularly well. In those games, he threw for just over 1,000 yards with a TD-to-INT ratio of 1:1. His QBR was also below average.

The third quarterback on the roster is rookie Cardale Jones, who was drafted in the fourth round this year. Jones has never played in an NFL regular season game, so there’s not much to go on when it comes to his performance at this level. However, he did have a very successful college career at Ohio State University, where he won a national championship.

So who should start for the Chargers at quarterback? That’s tough to say. Rivers has been pretty successful over the years but hasn’t been great recently. Clemens is experienced but didn’t do  well when given the chance to start last season. And Jones is untested at the NFL level but had a very successful college career. Ultimately, it will come down to who gives the Chargers the best chance to win and that decision rests with the coaching staff.

The Impact of Coaching Decisions on the Team

When it comes to coaching decisions, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Every team is different, and every situation is unique. However, there are some general principles that can be applied to any team in any situation.

One of the most important things to remember is that the coach is ultimately responsible for the performance of the team. If the team loses, it is the coach’s fault. If the team wins, it is because of the coach’s leadership. Therefore, every decision a coach makes should be made with the intention of helping the team win.

Of course, not every decision a coach makes will be popular with everyone on the team. Some players may not agree with a particular play call or strategy. However, it is important for coaches to stand firm in their convictions and not let outside pressure influence their decisions. The only thing that should matter to a coach is what is best for the team.

When it comes to making tough decisions, there is no easy answer. However, if a coach keeps the best interests of the team in mind at all times, he or she will be sure to make the right choices more often than not.

The Fan Perspective

As a Chargers fan, I am torn on who should start at quarterback. On one hand, I want to see Philip Rivers get the chance to redeem himself after a disappointing season. On the other hand, I want to see the team give rookie Justin Herbert a chance to prove himself.

I think that ultimately it comes down to what is best for the team. If Herbert is able to show that he is ready to be a starting NFL quarterback, then I think he should be given the opportunity. However, if Rivers is still able to play at a high level and give the Chargers a better chance to win, then I believe he should remain the starter.

Ultimately, it will be up to head coach Anthony Lynn to make the decision. But as a fan, I just hope that whoever is under center can lead the Chargers back to the playoffs.

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The Chargers have a difficult decision to make when it comes to who should be their starting quarterback. Both Herbert and Taylor have shown promise in their own ways, so it is up to the coaching staff and front office to decide which player gives them the best chance of success this season. At the end of the day, whichever QB they choose will have big shoes to fill in replacing Rivers as the face of the franchise. We wish both players luck and look forward to seeing what they can do on the field this year!

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