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China Adhesive Manufacturers

by Yasir Asif

China is an increasingly attractive market for adhesives and tapes, with low production costs and stringent quality controls making it ideal for their production. China-based manufacturers invest significantly in research and development of these products.

Many global adhesives companies have invested in China, and are making gains in market share. Some have even set up large plants there.

Dongguan Qianqianhe Adhesive Technology Co., Ltd

China boasts many manufacturers of pressure sensitive adhesive products. Many of them have built strong reputations within their industries and consistently offer top-quality products. Many companies even boast research teams dedicated to producing products that meet market standards.

The company offers an assortment of glues designed to meet the needs of woodworking, metalworking and general assembly processes. In addition to general purpose adhesives such as wood glues and metal glues, tile/floor glues and polymers, its products can also be found in paper conversion, furniture making, construction projects as well as personal hygiene needs.

Henkel sells hot melt adhesive products worldwide under the Loctite brand name and operates manufacturing plants in Wehr, Germany and North Carolina. Their adhesives and sealants are used by manufacturers in over 130 countries; global sales for Henkel’s adhesives total around $5 billion annually and they’re utilized across industries including automotive, aerospace, metals, consumer applications maintenance repair packaging industries etc.

Yiwu Jingong Adhesive Company

Qianfeng Special Adhesive Products Company emphasizes research and development, adhering to a principled approach for product innovation: people-centricity, deep plowing of scientific research field, comprehensive quality orientation and enterprise competitiveness development. In doing so, Qianfeng has developed an advanced corporate culture as well as regular cooperation agreements with South China Institute of Technology and Dongguan Institute of Science and Technology.

Wisdom Adheives Worldwide is a premier manufacturer of hot-melt, pressure-sensitive and water-based adhesives, offering custom formulation services for wood furniture, millwork, construction and engineered lamination markets in North America and internationally. Their core products include Olefin EVA hot melt adhesives along with PVAc VAE protein adhesives.

China’s adhesive industry has experienced remarkable expansion over the past years. New application fields such as 5G, AI, automotive and flexible packaging are being explored while high-performance adhesives continue to develop rapidly. Unfortunately, adhesive demand declined slightly during 2020 due to COVID-19 pandemic, but demand should recover by 2022.

DeepMaterial (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd

DeepMaterial is an innovative company that specializes in adhesives for semiconductor and electronic applications, surface protection materials for chip packaging and testing as well as mechanical stress-protection materials for protecting against mechanical stress, and range in viscosities to meet specific customer needs. They utilize cutting-edge technology when developing these adhesives to ensure optimal results.

One component epoxy underfill adhesives are ideal for bonding metals, plastics, and ceramics to various surfaces with ease. Being user-friendly reduces errors during application while their wide temperature range makes them suitable for industrial applications of all kinds.

ATELCO Chemical PTE LTD is a premier provider of environmentally-safe cyanoacrylate super glue products. Their large selection meets stringent quality standards while their dedicated staff strives to offer their customers superior service and value.


The company specializes in developing advanced technology for multiple industries. Its main products are adhesives, sealants, PSA tape and film. Furthermore, customized services are offered as part of this extensive offering; its products can often be seen used in manufacturing of electronic devices and telecommunication.

This company operates 68 production facilities in 31 countries worldwide and sells Loctite and Novamelt-branded products in 130 countries around the globe – they’ve been operating for almost 80 years!

YUAN Group is a top manufacturer of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives (HMPSA). Their products can be found in many applications such as assembly and repair of electronics, automobiles, and aerospace parts. Their products have earned them an outstanding reputation for high quality at competitive prices; among their range of specialty items is flange sealant adhesive pipe sealing sealant medical grade Cyanoacrylate UV curing adhesive and retaining compound as well as various potting epoxy and silicone sealants for all manner of sealing applications.

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