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ASO Check-Up Guide: App Store Optimization Checklist

by MarketMillion
ASO Check-Up Guide App Store Optimization Checklist

This article discusses the importance of conducting an ASO (App Store Optimization) check-up for a mobile app. It highlights the differences between optimizing for Google Play and the App Store. We cannot avoid the ASO check-up; it doesn’t matter if the ASO was successful or not. Either way, we need to conduct an audit to understand what we did right and wrong. Here, we are presenting a short version of our ASO guide that will help with your checklist for App Store Optimization.

In this article, we will focus more on how we do it rather than the differences in the process between Google Play and App Store.

Checklist for App Store Optimization check-up

This ASO checklist works both for the App Store and Google Play:

App Indexing Level. Assess the number of indexed search queries for the app and its ranking for relevant keywords. To analyze it, we use App Keywords. It will allow us to analyze keywords for our app and any app we want. But the most exciting part for us is indexing.

Metadata Analysis. App metadata analysis differs between Google Play and the App Store. We need to pay attention to titles and short and full descriptions on Google Play, while the App Store focuses on titles, subtitles, and keywords.
Text ASO analysis in this part is critical because we understand where our words are getting indexed, how many particular keywords we used, and if the word is overused. 

Visual Optimization. With this process, we will be helped by the Visual Comparison tool. Here, we need to compare our visual ASO and visual ASO of competitors. This will give us an understand of what we did right and where we missed the spot. Screenshots and icons are supposed to follow trends in the niche. You need to use captions and call-to-action correctly so the reader can see them easily and understand them in a few seconds. And, of course, colours are the tool to create harmony between the above.


Rating and User Reviews. This section is supposed to be in every proper ASO guide or App Store Optimization checklist; that is how we tell if it is the right ASO checklist or not. User ratings and reviews significantly influence installation decisions. Things that can always help us with and guide us to things we did wrong from the user’s perspective.


Check-up of ASO optimization is a thing we always need to do. Comparing our products helps us find better ways to increase conversion. Don’t be afraid of it. It’s the right thing to do.

Don’t forget that this ASO guide is a short version of what we have on our site. So, come to us, and we will tell you even more.

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