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Exploring Designer Fruit Cakes To Impress Your Health Freak Boyfriend

by Tahir khan

There are many ways to impress your health-freak boyfriend, but surprising with a designer fruit cake can be very special. It will show your love and appreciation for your boyfriend, which can make him emotional. It will also help you strengthen your relationship and take it to the next level. 

You don’t need to worry about choosing the best fruit cake because we have compiled a list of designer fruit cakes from which you can select the best one.

1] Fruit Medley Cake

Fruit medley cake is one of the best designer fruit cakes that can be perfect to impress your health freak boyfriend and treat his taste buds. This fruit medley cake is made in a round shape and with a vanilla flavor. It is decorated on the top with fresh fruit slices, which is delicious and healthy.

2] Artistic Fruit Cake

Artistic fruit cake comes in a regular shape and is made with a vanilla sponge. It is coated with white whipped cream and decorated with fresh orange slices on the sides and top. Your boyfriend will be amazed to see edible silver beads and little hearts on the top, which are made of fondants.

3] Fruit Cake Vegan Style

Fruit cake vegan style is also made with vanilla sponge, but you can ask to customize the flavor of your choice. The best thing about this cake is that it comes with different types of fruit slices on the top, such as pineapple, apple, cherry, etc. Well, treating your boyfriend with such delicious cake can make your day very special.

4] Yummy Fruit Punch Cake

Yummy fruit punch cake is another beautiful creation of the makers, and they deserve appreciation for this. The flavor of this cake is customizable, and if you order this with your boyfriend’s choice, then it will be a thoughtful gift. The fruits like oranges, kiwis, oranges, and apples make this cake look so beautiful.

5] Special Mango Cake

Special mango cake will take your boyfriend to his childhood memories where he must have enjoyed mangoes with his friends. Get this special cake delivery in Lucknow and nearby places and enjoy the celebration in a meaningful way. You should also know that this cake is made with vanilla sponge and mango filling. It is also coated with mango cream, and crushed pistachios are pasted on the sides.

6] Eggless Fruit Cake

Well, if your boyfriend is vegetarian as well, then eggless fruit cake is your option to impress him. The flavor of the sponge can be personalized, and it comes in a round shape. This cake is coated with white whipped cream and topped with oranges, cherries, kiwis, etc. So, see your boyfriend amazed when you surprise him with this beautiful and nutrient-rich cake.

7] Fruity Vanilla Almond Cake

Fruity vanilla almond cake is one of the popular fruit cakes that you can order to impress your boyfriend. The sponge of this cake is made with vanilla flavor, and it comes with crushed almonds pasted on the sides. The fresh fruit slices on the top are increasing its look, which is the main attraction of fruit cakes.

8] Chocolate Truffle Fruit Cake

Chocolate truffle fruit cake is made with a fluffy and chocolaty sponge, and it is also glazed with chocolate cream. Well, placing fresh fruit slices on the top is like a tradition for fruit cakes, but the arrangement of fruits in this cake is amazing. Your boyfriend will be very happy to see such beautiful arrangements of fruits on the cake.

9] Heart Shape Fruit And Nut Cake

If you think that fruit cakes come only in regular shape, then you are wrong. After seeing this heart-shaped fruit and nut cake, you will think that this is made only for you. This cake is made with red velvet flavor, which can make your celebration very special. The tasty and crushed nuts are also pasted on the cake, along with healthy fruit slices.

10] Round Cherry Vanilla Cake

Surprise and impress your boyfriend with a round cherry vanilla cake, which is delicious and full of nutrition. It is made in a round shape and with vanilla flavor and also comes coated with white whipped cream. The cherries are placed at the center on top, and along with that, other fruit slices like apples and pineapples increase their look.


Cakes are not only for birthdays and anniversaries because they can be used to treat your taste buds and impress your loved ones. We have suggested the top designer fruit cakes that are sure to help you impress your health-freak boyfriend. We have suggested all types of fruit cakes, including eggless ones, that can impress your boyfriend even if he is a vegetarian. So, get your phone and order the best one that can suit your boyfriend’s style and personality.

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