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Five Factors Why Cloud-based Video Management System is Essential for Business 

by Uneeb Khan
Cloud based Video surveillance system for your business

The vast majority of businesses employed Cloud-based video surveillance system almost ten years ago to investigate security events or watch live recordings.

Nowadays, many companies use cloud-based video management systems that include powerful tools for video surveillance to reduce the damage from fraud, theft and improve the overall security and protection of their clients and staff.  

It’s not surprising that Cloud-based video surveillance systemare growing in popularity in today’s business settings. Before we explore the several advantages of cloud-based video surveillance systems, let’s first identify what these systems are. 

A type of surveillance system known as a cloud-based video security system captures footage over the internet compared to on-premise storage devices. This entails that you are able to save an infinite amount of video without the requirement for additional equipment or concern over running out of available physical space.  

The most significant advantage of Cloud-based video surveillance system is that it offers your company access to all the footage whenever and wherever you want, even when you aren’t in the workplace. There are the advantageous factors of cloud-based video management systems that entail it is essential for your business;  

Let’s Discuss some of those Factors and Advantages: 

1. Maintaining staff security: In addition to safeguarding your organization, keeping your staff safe is essential. Cloud video surveillance may enable you to do this. Employees are less likely to feel uncovered if they know that your business is being viewed, particularly during slower times when fewer staff is around.  

CCTV can assist you in enforcing workplace regulatory standards and protecting personnel from the risks posed by crooks. 

2. Enable you to inspect multiple locations at a time: The capability it provides to control numerous locations at once more effectively is among the main reasons a rising number of organizations are engaging with cloud video monitoring. A cloud video surveillance system is employed to accomplish this, enabling data availability from any location. 

Big organizations can view video footage and control their video surveillance system by employing cloud-based video management using compatible internet-enabled devices. This is really useful for businesses with multiple sites because you can access all of the information you need from any of your sites and home. 

3. Defend your business against theft and fraud. Using a top-notch Cloud-based video surveillance system, you may safeguard your business from risks like fraud and vandalism. This is generally accomplished by offering video footage as evidence of actions within your business, whether in an eatery or warehouse.  

For instance, in the event of a theft, the use of surveillance cameras can act as a deterrent to potential thieves. And the video footage can assist investigators and prosecutors in gathering the evidence they should take the necessary steps. Naturally, video surveillance can also safeguard against fraud committed by your own staff. 

4. Keep your monitoring data secure: Data security risks with standard video surveillance systems include physical harm to data storage, hard disk drive errors, and data reinstalling, among others. If a video of a specific incidence or period of time is required but cannot be retrieved, all of this may result in serious complications.  

Cloud-based video management systems minimise this vulnerability since data is safely kept there. Furthermore, problems like physical damage to storage systems and unintentionally deleted files can be prevented, leading to increased data protection. Varying service providers will have specific norms for how long information is kept. 

Why Cloud-based Video Surveillance Systems are Important for Businesses 

Cloud-based video surveillance systems are important for businesses because they offer several advantages over traditional on-premise systems. Some of these advantages include: 

  1. Scalability: Cloud-based systems can easily scale up or down based on the needs of the business, allowing for flexibility as the company grows or changes. 
  1. Remote access: Business owners and managers can access the video surveillance system from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing for monitoring of the business from a remote location. 
  1. Cost-effective: Cloud-based systems often have lower upfront costs and lower ongoing maintenance costs than traditional on-premise systems. 
  1. Automatic software updates: Cloud-based systems are automatically updated, ensuring that the system is always running the latest version and is protected from security threats. 
  1. Improved data security: Cloud-based systems offer improved data security by storing the data on secure servers in a remote location, reducing the risk of data loss due to theft or damage to the physical location. 
  1. Easy to manage: Cloud-based systems can easily be managed and configured by the business owner or administrator, reducing the need for specialized IT staff. 


Cloud-based video surveillance system by Wobot are essential for businesses as they protect employees and defend against risks like theft and fraudulent activity. Moreover, the potential to remotely access collected information makes it simpler to supervise numerous places in one go. Data storage in the Cloud may also assist in keeping it even safer. 

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