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What Are the Major Hotel Industry Trends for 2023?

by Uneeb Khan

Many new trends are emerging in the hospitality business, so let’s take a look at them one by one and gain ideas on how to differentiate your hotel from the competition.

Personalization Reigns Supreme

Personalization is not only here to stay; it will be pushed to new heights in 2023 with hyper-personalization. This includes personalizing all of your messaging and promos, as well as your in-room experience. The more you can customize the visitor experience, whether it’s a pillow or blanket menu, a welcome gift or message, or inquiring about your guests’ temperature preferences ahead of time, the more you will stand out.

Everything you do in terms of products, promotions, and in-room experience must center around the question, “What can I do to personalize this experience?


As climate change remains the most serious global concern, an increasing number of customers will seek out hotels that value sustainable solutions. Choosing hotels with eco-certifications and other efforts such as offering eco-friendly facilities, utilizing sustainable cleaning products, being energy-efficient, and saving water might be examples of this.

Consider the Local

Consuming locally is very closely tied to sustainability and is expected to be a budget friendly hotel trend shortly. Working with local designers and craftspeople, as well as serving locally produced food at your hotel’s breakfast buffet and restaurant, will benefit your business and the environment. This also includes identifying methods to incorporate the local community to make them a part of your hotel experience.

Long Stays and Remote Work

Another significant trend influenced by the epidemic is remote employment and extended stays. Digital nomads are becoming a significant section of the hospitality business, and hotels that rise to the challenge of designing experiences and venues to accommodate them will certainly stand out from the crowd.

Technologically Advanced Hotels

Technology evolves, and so does the contemporary guest’s dependence on technology to make their hotel experience effortless. Whether it’s a virtual concierge who is available 24 hours a day, mobile check-in, a mobile app, or smart room features such as using voice technology to turn off the lights and play music, interactive walls, and mirrors, or keyless room entry, all of these features will become increasingly important in 2023.

Health Comes First

Wellness will be a top concern for visitors in 2023, so you should change your hotel’s offerings to more holistic packages. Offering in-room massage, morning yoga and other exercise programs, wellness shots at your hotel’s bar, and vegan and vegetarian cuisine alternatives are all examples of this. Join the trend by using low-season health retreats to increase income during the off-season.

Health and Security

For visitors, cleanliness and a sense of security have never been more crucial. As we near the end of a two-year worldwide epidemic, one of a hotelier’s first responsibilities should be to rise to the challenge of making guests’ health and safety their priority. This entails hiring more cleaning employees and taking extra precautions to keep your premises spotless at all times.

A Hotel’s Evolving Idea

Glamping (glamorous camping), leisure (business meets leisure), and blended vacations (adding a few days to a work trip to enjoy the place) are all phrases that will expand and alter as the notion of a hotel and travel evolves. Adapting to this new perspective will be critical for hotels in the future to attract varied audiences.

As the idea of a hotel evolves, you may combine elements to appeal to a broader audience. That may be a luxury hotel in a rural or distant environment, merging coworking space with hotel rooms designed for extended stay guests, or delivering trendy, hyper-local, design-forward accommodations in a cheap hotel setting.

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