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Comparing Traditional Birthday Celebrations With Modern Ones

by Uneeb Khan

One such memorable life event that has remained equally cherished year after year is one’s birthday. It used to hold a particular place in the hearts of all birthday kids, and it still does. But as the years passed, it became clear that birthday traditions had shifted significantly from those of the 1990s to those of the present day. Now, let’s take stock of the many alterations that have occurred from the best burger stall to an online cake store.

Party Venue: Cordial Party At Home vs Hip and Happening Party At Bars, Pubs

After giving the party venue issue some thought, we came to the conclusion that perhaps the dramatic shifts in society throughout the years are due to the fact that life was much simpler back then than it is for us today. In the past, birthdays were typically celebrated with close family members over a meal of home cooked food, drinks, and desserts. These days, however, most people who want to throw a party for a large group of people head to an indoor or outdoor establishment like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, or a bar or restaurant. That’s a big shift, huh?

Birthday Cake: Limited Cake Flavours vs Trending birthday cakes

The primary allure of birthday cakes was merely a nod to Western culture and tradition. Only vanilla, butterscotch, and chocolate buttercream cakes were offered, with no other flavours. Back in the day, people would usually make a birthday cake for a loved one as a gesture of affection. And now, thanks to the efforts of bakeries all over the world, there are many delicious cakes suitable for celebrating a birthday. Cakes with red velvet, black currant, black forest, and berry flavours are just some of the many varieties available. You can choose from a plethora of options when it comes to birthday cakes, and bakeries offer convenient online cake delivery in Pune or wherever you may be located.

Food Menu: Indian Food vs Fast Food

We all remember the days when our mothers would spoil us rotten with authentic Indian dishes like chole bhature, pav bhaji, and other mouthwatering delights. But nowadays, it’s all about quick food, junk food, and finger-sized stuff to prevent any messes. People today commonly serve fried foods including french fries, noodles, chips, pizza, burgers, samosas, and bread pakoras. Maa ke haathoan ka khana is the best food ever. For this reason, may I suggest we time travel to the 1990s?

Games Played: Dumbsherads vs Bowling, Shooting

What was the last time you played dumbsherades? Probably a long time has passed. Karaoke and other similar games like dumsherades were huge at kids’ parties in the ’90s. Birthday parties are increasingly held in public settings like shopping centres and parks, and in response, entertainment venues have sprung up that include activities like bowling and shooting galleries.

Birthday Presents Expectations: Anything Would Do vs Anything As Per Birthday Boy/Girl’s Wish Would Do 

When it came to birthday gifts, folks back then weren’t picky. Nobody ever expected to receive anything for a birthday. Getting the birthday boy or girl a tiffin box, water bottle, or even a pen might suffice as a token of your best wishes. Actually, things have turned out to be the complete opposite recently. On their special day, people have certain desires for how they should be treated. It could be something small, like a wristwatch, or something larger, like a stylish new outfit.

The aforementioned are, then, some of the most noticeable distinctions between birthday parties in the 1990s and those nowadays.

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