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Godrej Neutronics with I-Fog Technology – Mystic Mist

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Godrej Neutronics with I-Fog Technology - Mystic Mist

If you possess valuables at home or in the office, the best place to keep them is inside a safe. Of course, any type of safe is great, depending on the level of security you prefer. However, some safes are easy to break into, and you could suffer irreversible losses in the long run. For this reason, you should think about an “intelligent” safe that stores your valuables without worrying about break-ins. Godrej Prime Neutronics is a fine safe with a smart system that sends alerts to your phone. To learn more about this genius tijori, take a look.

Godrej Neutronics

Burglars today use pretty advanced methods to break into safes, and this is proving a challenge for most safe builders. This means that security measures when building safes must deploy certain technologies that can survive all kinds of security threats. For example, the neutronics lockers are fireproof and burglar-proof, providing an extra layer of security for users.

In addition, Godrej has used I-Fog technology, strengthening these safes physically. They are built to detect, delay, deter, defend, and deny at a favourable Godrej safe price. Even without a security team on-site, these lockers can secure and defend themselves. This intelligent burglar-proof feature is immune to all kinds of modern-day attacks. Anytime the safe notices a threat, it will alert you. While you prepare to respond, its built-in technological reinforcements can maintain a high level of security.

I-Fog Technology

The I-Fog technology used to make these Godrej Neutronics stems from fog computing concepts. Fog computing is a decentralised computing infrastructure where compute, storage, and application data are located between the source and cloud. This concept is used to build smart devices in an IoT environment.

The endpoints of this technology connect and send data through the internet to interconnected systems to improve privacy and security. This technology integrates with the I-Alert panel to transmit data from the safe to the hooter and smoke screen. In case of a break-in attempt, a duress alert will be sent to the user’s registered number. This unique safety feature adds an unbreakable layer of security to your safe. This technology also facilitates relocking of the safe when the sensors capture any abnormal activities.

Features of the Godrej Neutronics


Upon acquiring a safe tijori, you must set up a security system through a computing network. This network powers the I-Alert system that triggers a local alarm through a hooter. In case of a break-in, an alert is sent to your phone so that you can respond promptly. For better security control, you can register up to eight phone numbers where you can receive alerts.

Tool and Torch Resistant

Because most criminals cannot break into electronic and biometric safe protection systems, they resort to destructive methods. For example, most burglars use torches to melt the metal on the locks for easy access. Some have also built sophisticated tools that can break down any thick-walled safe. Fortunately, this is not the same case for the Godrej neutronics locker. It is highly resistant to torches and tools and prevents any unwanted access.

Automatic Relocking

With a biometric or electronic lock, you only need a security pin or password to safeguard your lock. Unfortunately, these are also easy to break in case someone accesses your passcode. A neutronics locker has two re-lockers and an extra beta re-locker, setting the safe into a deadlock. Even with precision attacks on the lock, the automatic relock will keep the safe inaccessible.

High Precision Locks

Even sophisticated thieves cannot hack the locks on the neutronics safe/ locker from Godrej. The high precision locks are 8-lever dual-control brass locks that provide multiple lock combinations. These locks are secure and resistant to pilferage. Therefore, having this locker means you get extra safety that other lockers may not offer.

Robust Construction

Another great feature is the build quality of the safe itself. The two-step frame and door construction give fireproof and burglar-proof capabilities. In the event of a fire, the higher temperatures of the burning building will not affect the contents inside the safe. Additionally, it would take more effort for burglars to cut through the double-duty barrier using a torch. This safe is also Class C fire resistant certified that can survive in a fire for over one hour.

Duress (SOS)

Intelligent safes with biometric and electronic locks are very secure for commercial and personal use. The neutronics locker tijori can sense break-in attempts and respond with the duress (SOS) feature. This system allows the tijori locker to send a silent alarm to the registered phone numbers without creating any attention. In case of a distress situation, you will always receive real-time alerts from your locker.

You cannot go wrong with the Godrej tijori lockers with all the above features. These safes provide your security needs at reasonable prices. Besides, what else makes sense than having an intelligent safe that alerts you in case of a break-in attempt? You can always be on top of security trends to keep your valuables out of reach. These safes are also well-priced, and you will find one that meets your storage needs.

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