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E Scooter: eMobility is trendy

by Ahsan Khan

e Scooters are currently the hottest form of electric mobility. Practical scooters are in vogue and are at the top of many wish lists.

But are electric scooters allowed for children and young people? And how high is the risk of injury really? Do cheap electric scooters deliver what they promise?

In this article, you will find answers to these questions and 4 important tips to keep in mind before buying.

In addition, there is an overview of the most popular e-scooters of all manufacturers.

What are e Scooters and why are they so popular?

Electric scooters are scooters that are operated with the help of batteries and electric motors.

They are practical companions for the city and made for getting around the city. Because riorand scooters are environmentally friendly, quiet, and cost-saving at the same time. Plus, they’re practical, easy to use, and fun. Without much practice.

Important tips before buying

Riding e-scooters is easy to learn. Plugin, charge, and start. As a rule, hardly any practice is necessary. And because everything is so quick and easy, many forget about the protective equipment. Sometimes with dangerous consequences. In the case of accidents, the risk of injury is similar to that of bicycle accidents.

Therefore, helmet and joint protectors should always be present regardless of the helmet obligation. Please note that the equipment is available in a suitable size. After all, a helmet only provides reliable protection in the event of an emergency if it is not too large and fits well. This is especially true for e-scooters for children and young people.

Tip 1: Make sure you have the right protective equipment and make sure that your helmet and joint protector are present on every ride.

Speed crucial for classification

Although these trendy e-scooters have only recently conquered the streets, rules also apply here. And these differ from country to country.

The speed of e-scooters is an important factor in the legal classification of scooters. For example, speed determines whether a full-fledged driver’s license is necessary. Including registration and insurance.

It is important to note that this is the case in Germany and Austria when e-scooters exceed a maximum speed of 25 km/h. Scooters that drive faster than 25 km/h are classified as motor vehicles and may only be used with a driver’s license. You should take this into account before buying.

E scooters for children also have different requirements for maximum speed for safety reasons.

Tip 2: Pay attention to the legal requirements before buying. e Scooters with an operating speed of more than 25 km/h may only be used with a driver’s license. If necessary, switch to an eScooter with a maximum speed of 25 km/h.

Branded batteries last longer

The battery is one of the most important components of e-scooters. After all, it’s about how far you can get with the electric scooter and how long it lasts. This makes it all the more important to deal with this in more detail when making your selection.

Most models have a battery with 200 to about 2000 watts. Put simply, the more power, the more range. It is not only important to pay attention to the wattage indication – the ampere-hours (or the abbreviation “Ah”) are decisive.

Manufacturer’s specifications that do not keep what they promise

Those who only rely on a range from the manufacturer’s specifications are unfortunately often disappointed. Because in some datasheets of the manufacturers there is talk of ranges with 40 kilometers and more, which are sometimes significantly undercut in the customer reviews and e Scooter tests in practice. But how exactly does this difference occur?

The range of e-scooters of the manufacturers is comparable to the manufacturer’s information on the fuel consumption of the automotive industry. It is an optimistic estimate under ideal conditions that are not always based on reality.

The following factors influence the range of the battery:

The quality of the battery – high-quality batteries offer more range

The weight of the driver – more weight means less range

The nature of the track – the steeper the route, the less range

The ambient temperature

The age of the battery – older batteries have less range

Please note that defective batteries that are bloated or liquid are running is dangerous. Never leave them unattended and dispose of them professionally.

Often, however,skateboards speeds wobbles very long ranges are not necessary. After all, according to studies, 40% to 50% of all car trips are shorter than 5 km.

Tip 3: Get an overview of the range you need. How far will your expected routes be? Expect shorter ranges than stated in the manufacturer’s specifications. Pay attention to branded products.

Pay attention to good workmanship and manufacturer information

If you buy cheap, you buy twice. This also applies to electric scooters. Because many models can be opened and closed, for example. If the scooter is poorly processed, the constant vibration can cause problems with the electronics or other damage. That’s why you should pay attention to good workmanship and quality.

But also the information of the manufacturer should be observed in the sense of safety. For example: the maximum permissible weight of the driver should not be exceeded.

Tip 4: Pay attention to quality and good workmanship. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and check the permitted weight.

Popular electric scooters on Amazon

e-scooters: from what age are they suitable?

When are e Scooters suitable for children? This question is not easy to answer for many parents. Some manufacturers specify a minimum age of 14 years. According to the manufacturer, the Razor E100 Glow is suitable for children from 8 years *.

There is no generally valid e-scooter age recommendation, but cycling can be an orientation aid. If the child is ready to move independently and unaccompanied by bike, he should be ready for the electric scooter.

It is important that safety precautions are adhered to. For example:

Safety equipment is available at every (!) Journey compulsory

Agree on binding rules

Pay attention to other road users

Use electric scooters with the age of appropriate speed

Observe legal requirements (from when or where can you drive?)

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