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Easy ways to download Instagram stories

by Uneeb Khan
Instagram stories

It’s among the most popular social media platforms around the world! Over a billion users are engaged on Instagram each month, and over 500 million people have access to the platform each day. 

Instagram is a hit on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Twitter each month with active users.

In the on average Instagram users share 95 million images and more videos each day. With three quarters percent of U.S. population is on Instagram, some of the most famous brands digital marketing choose to draw their customers on Instagram.

Instagram stories are the most effective method to tell a story! They can be used to make boomerangs, which are images that look like GIFs and live-streamed videos which last for 24 hours. 

The Story trend originated from Snapchat which is becoming embraced through Instagram. Contrary to Facebook and Snapchat, Instagram offers the possibility of creating video live and also boomerangs.

If you’re a lover of Instagram Stories be sure that you’re the only one! According to Statista in July 400 there was more than a millions of engaged Instagram Stories users across the globe.

Why should you download the Instagram Story?

There are many reasons to use Instagram! Instagram is an engaging and visually-oriented platform, where there are plenty of entertaining and interesting videos. 

If you’re a foodie, or travel lover it is possible to save a travel tale by using the order page or “how do” video game that includes recipe.

The celebrity is the author of tales that merit a place by the fans. You may also find yourself interested in watching a brand new collection of products and services offered by the company. 

A lot of brands make use of Instagram to advertise their service https://comprarseguidoresargentina.com/ “inside out” or by hosting a live event, video or contest.

In addition it is possible to only be attentive to a person’s personal story. 

While there aren’t any laws that safeguard images, videos or videos uploaded to Insta however, the platform does provide copyright protection to original works like music compositions, photos or photographs, as well as shows and television shows. 

The terms of service permit you to download images from Insta however it is impossible downloading stories from other account. Any content downloaded or published must not violate copyright law.

The only way that a person can stop their content or photos of being downloaded from the internet can be by choosing to “keep the content private”. Then, set videos and pictures to “private” which only followers who are approved can view. O

thers must make an application to view private videos and photos.

If you’re wondering how to save stories to your desktop or phone or something else you’re interested in, keep reading!

How do you download other people’s Instagram stories to your smartphone

Upload Instagram Stories for Android : If you own an Android phone, you’ll have to install the Story Saver Insta application through the Google Play Store. After it’s installed and you’ve opened it you’ll be required to log in to the Insta account. 

When you have found the user you want to follow, choose the image or video you wish to save and then click “Save”. 

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The image or video is saved to the folder called Story Saver folder.

Get Stories on Instagram Stories to iOS : The process of keeping Instagram stories running on iOS is simple with an app called IG Live app. After you open the app, look for a username that you want to use so that they can view the live Story announcement. 

Select the story you want to save and click to save it to your smartphone. The photo or video will be displayed alongside other images in the camera’s list.

The other alternative is to download the “Story Reposter” application on the App Store for iPhone. Start the app and then search to find the user name of the person. Select the image or video you would like to download. 

Click on the download button, then click”Save” to download the image or image on your iPhone.

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