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Effective Ways To Prevent Asthma Attacks

by Uneeb Khan
Asthma Patients

Asthma is a disease caused by inflammation of lungs. It makes breathing difficult and produces mucus. Patients feel heavy weight on their chests. It also causes wheezing, breathlessness and coughing usually at night. The signs and symptoms may vary from person to person. It is very important to know what steps should be taken to prevent asthma attacks.

Asthma can be life-threatening if not monitored properly. For some people asthma is a minor problem but for some people it can be life threatening. It can’t be cured but can be maintained by tracking your signs and symptoms. As per best lung specialist following are the ways that can help you prevent asthma attacks:

Identify Asthma Triggers

Being an asthma patient, it is very important for you to recognize the things that trigger asthma attacks. Allergens play a major role in triggering asthma attacks. Some of them are:

  • Mold
  • Dust 
  • Air pollution
  • Exercise
  • Inhaled irritants
  • Pests etc

Keep a track of your asthma symptoms in your personal diary. When you experience an asthma attack, return to your diary to find out which factor might have contributed to it. Once you’ve identified your asthma triggers, it becomes easy to avoid them.

Avoid Smoking

Smokers are at a great risk of asthma attacks because it damages lungs but non-smokers should also stay away from tobacco smoke because it damages airways and can cause asthma attacks.

Make sure to avoid all sources of smoke. Follow these tips to avoid smoke:

  • Do not allow smoking in your car or home.
  • Avoid all types of smoking zones.
  • While traveling try to travel in a non-smoking room.


Stress is a major trigger that can cause asthma attacks. The body of a stressed person releases a hormone that increases both heart and breathing rate. Ways that can relax your body also helps in controlling asthma attacks. Relaxation exercises include deep breathing, release of muscle tension and clearance of negative thoughts. Get enough sleep because it also plays a major role in coping with stress. Following are some tips that can help you develop good sleeping habits:

  • If you are having trouble sleeping do not watch, read or eat in bed
  • Avoid tea and coffee
  • Do not nap
  • Make a proper sleeping habit

Learn To Recognize Symptoms

If the early warning signs are recognized then we can prevent asthma attacks easily. Early precautions can keep you away from the hospital. Some early warning signs include:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Chronic cough

Find A Medication That Works Well For You

A person suffering from asthma usually requires two types of medications. One for emergency situations and the other one for long-term relief. A lung specialist can guide you which medications are needed and will be effective for you.

Some quick relief medications for asthma include : Short-acting beta agonists such as albuterol, Ipratropium (Atrovent HFA), Oral corticosteroids (for severe asthma attacks). Long-term asthma control medications include: Inhaled corticosteroids, Leukotriene modifiers, Long-acting beta agonists (LABAs), Long-acting muscarinic antagonists (LAMAs), Combination inhalers, Theophylline.

Eat Healthy

Certain vitamins and nutrients in your diet can play a crucial role in controlling asthma symptoms. Vitamin C is anti inflammatory and can help in clearing air passage and prevents lung infection. Taking less amount of salt can also reduce asthma symptoms.

Certain foods should be avoided:

  • Foods containing sulfites such as wine and dry fruits.
  • Foods including beans, cabbage and onions that can cause gas
  • Chemical preservatives and artificial flavorings must be avoided

Spending Some Time In The Sun

Spending some time in the sun can be very beneficial because it helps in the production of vitamin D which is very good for the overall body and also helps in prevention of asthma attacks.

Get Vaccinated For Flu

It is advised to take a flu shot every year to protect against the flu virus because people with asthma have serious complications from flu such as pneumonia. Vaccinations can prevent flu and chest infections which can trigger asthma attacks.

Devise An Asthma Action Plan With Your Doctor

It is important to develop an action plan with your doctor. Plan should be composed of all the medications and ways by which asthma attacks can be controlled. But regular monitoring and treatment is very important.

 Establish Good Personal Hygiene

It is very important to take care of your personal hygiene. Keep your hands clean and cover your mouth while sneezing and coughing with a tissue paper or your elbow. These small things can keep you protected from germs and also the people around you.

Considering all these things, we came to know that asthma can cause serious complications. It’s better to take care of your health. Devise a proper action plan with your lung specialist and use medications regularly. Try to avoid the things that can trigger asthma attacks. Asthma patients are usually given inhalers for immediate relief.  Eat healthy food and take care of your personal hygiene. Before starting a new medicine, always consult your doctor.

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