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Hagia Sophia: The Building’s History and Its Place in History WHERE Zoom

by Uneeb Khan

Hagia Sophia which was constructed in between 532 and 537, is a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture art. It served as the main church of the Byzantine Empire. That’s why, In its capital Constantinople until being converted into a mosque in 1453 by the Osman Empire. Turk government decided to turn Hagia Sophia into a museum in 1934 with the intention of turning it into a reservoir for the human history—all of human history, not just a history exclusive to one faith or group of people. This decision was recently over turned  repurposing  the structure into a Mosque. Hagia Sophia has been profoundly ingrained in conflicting stories of historical. Cultural, religious, and national importance throughout time. However, selective interpretations. of cultural heritage, may actually obliterate historical memory and break ties to the past. With different narratives and histories for a variety of audiences since. It is a monument on the global stage. This magnificent structure is a part of the global cultural heritage.

Byzantine Institute of America

The Byzantine Institute of America, established in 1930 by Thomas Whittemore, worked between 1931 and 1949 to uncover and preserve the mosaics of Hagia Sophia. So, With a history of exhibiting, researching, and publishing all facets of Byzantium, Dumbarton Oaks took charge of the Hagia Sophia project in 1953 and had since been meticulously recording every. Part of this structure and its aesthetic, and historical record. A very extensive data repository on the structure. The large collection of materials from, documentation. of and research on Hagia Sophia, amassed and produced by the Byzantine Institute. And Dumbarton Oaks is now being made publicly, accessible online. Scholars who have actively, pushed study on the Hagia Sophia. Are gathered for this introductory, webinar which will include historical information, Dumbarton Oaks’ engagement, and problems associated with the monument’s, most recent renovation. And There are many others Informative, website but The Guardian Saviors have very authentic. Information you must Read there Information.


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