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Here Are 10 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Sales with Minimal Effort

by Uneeb Khan

Setting up an e-commerce store is a great move but optimising it to deliver results is a different challenge. Even after considering trending items, creating a great website and targeting customers, the sales still need to be more impressive. Therefore, to start on a high note, consider employing various strategies for increasing sales and growing a successful business. Increasing sales takes little effort, and brands should stay within reach of the competition. 

If your e-commerce business is yet to gain traction, here are ten techniques to help you maximise e-commerce sales:

1. Have a Solid Social Media Presence

A social presence is vital for an e-commerce business. Your brand needs to have a foothold on all social platforms to drive traffic to the e-commerce business. A great presence enables audience engagement and tapping into influencer networks while building brand awareness. Every social media network has its audience, weaknesses and strength. An e-commerce SEO firm simplifies sending promotional content for each platform.

2. Implement Targeted Pricing

Other businesses within your industry constantly adjust prices and launch promotions per market conditions. With a specialised targeted pricing model, your business will benefit more. IP geolocation allows price optimisation to analyse website traffic and provide specialised pricing depending on the data.

3. Create an Email List

A robust email list enables targeting and retargeting customers with higher conversion rates. The click-through rates and customer acquisition ability of emails is better than that of social media channels. Emails are also great because customers decide to subscribe to your emails and hear more instead of getting targeted by paid promotions.

4. Make the Website Mobile Friendly

Most consumers today transact on mobile phones, which is great for optimising e-commerce businesses. A great way to improve e-commerce sales is by making the website mobile-friendly and giving customers a worthy experience through an e-commerce SEO firm. The e-commerce website should be adaptable with the content well displayed. Consider autofill suggestions, higher loading speeds and rapid processing to increase sales.

5. Use a Money-Back Guarantee

Building trust among consumers is crucial since they need assurance that they can rely on your product and services. Money-back guarantees are great for building trust and showing confidence in the quality of products. To prevent people from taking advantage of this initiative, have a guarantee that runs for 30 days or two months, depending on the product.

6. Use Sponsored Advertisements

Besides social media marketing to drive organic traffic, paid social ads are great for building an e-commerce marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook allow extensive targeting options using sponsored content. As a result, your brand can reach people as per the demographics to find a valuable audience. As a result, a PPC marketing agency can find better ad schedules and consistently increase e-commerce sales.

7. Add Multiple Payment Options

Customers who do not find their preferred payment method during checkout will likely cancel their purchase. Before, there were limited options like PayPal, credit and debit cards. However, today more stores are considering other methods, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc., to increase e-commerce sales. These new payment methods have lower fees and interest rates, improving purchasing flexibility.

8. Use Live Chats and Chatbots

Chatbots and live agents are two systems that can assist in the conversational part of marketing and customer support. Chatbots manage the basic questions and facilitate a 2-way communication to build customer relationships. They answer questions about products that push the customer to make a purchase.

9. Display Top Selling Items

An e-commerce store landing page should be essential since it tells the buyer more about what to expect. This page is the first thing buyers see when they land on your page; it is enough to determine their impression. Consider using your best-selling items on the front page instead of overwhelming customers with the existing product choices given in menus. Newcomers to the store are likely to click on these images to learn more about the product.

10. Consider Upselling

Upselling is a qualified way to increase revenue and develop long-term customer relationships. It is effective because it aims at selling to an existing customer base that already knows about your brand. In addition, Upselling allows buyers to find better product options or other products that would work for them. Even without coding, various upselling apps can be integrated with e-commerce platforms by a PPC marketing agency.

From the guide above, you realise these strategies are easy to implement with an in-house team. Although it may take time to figure out the best mix of strategies, the results will be appealing. Consider outsourcing a PPC marketing agency to help you find the best strategies that will help your store increase sales.

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