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This is a crucial detail, whether you’re buying or selling cute disney backpacks. You don’t want to purchase a bag for too much if it actually isn’t worth that much. And you don’t want to undersell your items if it turns out you have a unique one!

Inspecting the plaque is one of the simplest identifiers. Funko bought Disney in 2018; therefore, at that time, the logo on the plaque was altered to suit the Funko brand. Now the Disney emblem includes a crown above the

However, if your Disney logo on the plate contains a heart, it is an indication that the bag was created before Funko. These “pre-Funko” bags are more unusual and in high demand.

Disney heart logo example on the Captain Marvel backpack
Pre-Funko heart logos make the bag inherently more unusual since they aren’t created with this logo anymore.
Some uncommon but common bags are ones that are some of the originals, like the AOP Monsters, Inc. bag and the Princess Sketch bag. These retail for upwards of

Otherwise, if you are selling Disney bags, I suggest checking Mercari for the bag to see how much the current market price is. Be careful to inspect the bags that have already sold, not just the ones presently for sale, since this will tell you how much consumers are truly willing to pay.

A last caveat regarding uncommon bags is that occasionally bags are created with the plaque upside down. These are considerably more uncommon. Depending on the customer, they might be highly sought-after and consequently more costly.

How can you save money on cute disney backpacks?

1. Analyze your finances.

First things first, I want you to realize that in order to go into collecting, I definitely encourage being on top of your money. Analyze how much money you earn each month and how much you spend. If you don’t know this, how can you know how much you have to spend on bags? Here are some techniques I use to save money.

Harry Potter items featuring the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, Harry Potter DVDs, the Ravenclaw Magnet, the Marauder’s Map Magnet, and the Hogwarts Castle Tiny Backpack
The Hogwarts castle makes for a terrific purse!


Now for some practical tips. Step one is to shop for sales! Sign up for emails at cute disney backpacks and for all the little stores you’re interested in, and follow them on Instagram so you’ll be the first to know when deals are occurring. Also, be sure to browse the clearance areas as well.

For BoxLunch and Hot Topic, there is a specific structure where there is an earning period and a spending period. During the earning period, you’ll see normal deals like 20% off, and during that time, you’ll earn Hot Cash and BoxLunch Money that you can spend during the redeeming and spending period. Hot Cash and BoxLunch Money are effectively 50% off coupons (in the form of a unique coupon code), so you receive $15 off $30, for example.

You may spend them in-store or online, but notice that online you can’t use codes that have the same first four digits in the same transaction.

disney bag deals
Here’s an example deal from cute disney backpacks: I got this Captain Hook backpack for $44!


Cash-back programs offer you money back on online purchases from Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and shopDisney. plus a host of other online stores. My favorite programs are Rakuten and Honey.

For Rakuten, all you have to do is click via Rakuten to the store, and you’ll instantly get cash back on the transaction that you can pay out for gift cards or into PayPal or through a check. They also have a browser plugin that will detect when you’re buying and ask whether you want to activate their cashback offer.

For Honey, install the browser extension, and when you’re ready to checkout, click the symbol if nothing automatically shows up to activate Honey Gold, which you can redeem for gift cards.

If you use these recommendations for Rakuten and Honey, you may earn extra! I also prefer to use these applications to economize while traveling inexpensively.

And, to give you an idea, I’ve saved over $80 between the two simply on cute disney backpacks purchases.

Keep Puft and VenkmanAt a library, a lady wearing Tobin’s spirit guide shirt carries tiny backpacks. I love these GhostbustersDisney bags!


Many small stores offer a referral program where, if you suggest a friend, you both gain credit that you can use for discounts. Sometimes it’s a referral link, and other times it’s a referral code. It simply depends on the store.

For example, at Cordy’s Corner, if you use my referral code (PMAGICREF) at checkout, you can receive 10% off your first purchase, and I’ll earn a $10 credit to my account.

Often, these recommendations may only be utilized on your first purchase. However, developers (like myself) have affiliate codes and links, where, at no additional cost to you, we earn a commission and, when feasible, you get a discount. These may be used again and again, but referrals cannot. So, if you’ve used a referral link previously, try browsing for creators’ codes.

I have affiliate codes for Under the Sea Collectibles, where if you use the code PMAGIC, you get 5% off, and Spell Boutique, where you use the code PMAGIC, you receive 10% off your purchases. See the entire list or graphic above.

I also have affiliate connections to 707 Street. While you do not receive a discount, 707 Street provides free delivery on all US purchases, and I earn a tiny commission at no additional cost to you.

Affiliate codes and links are fantastic ways to show your support for authors!

Disney’s The Little Mermaid backpack with shells awesome Little Mermaid design!


No matter whether you use referral codes or affiliate codes, make sure you sign up for a loyalty account with your favorite small stores so you can collect credits toward discounts.


The fourth step is to employ a payment plan via a 3rd-party firm like PayPal, Klarna, or Sezzle. Many stores are already associated with them, so you only need backpackspro to pick this payment option during checkout. These alternatives enable you to pay for your item progressively over time.

I myself haven’t utilized them since I believe it’s a slippery slope, but I’ve heard nothing but excellent things from people who have used these alternatives.

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