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How do you stop Exit Navigation within Google Maps?

by Uneeb Khan
How do you stop Exit Navigation within Google Maps?

A lot of users are experiencing problems with Google Maps, especially with the navigation system. The Exit Navigation gets stuck or doesn’t close even after pressing the exit button. If this isn’t the case, it continues to run even after closing the app and displays a disturbing message on the phone’s screen.

I’ve encountered this issue also and, even though Google Maps aren’t harming my work or any other aspect but I’m frustrated when I look at my phone and notice it is lingering on the notification bar despite it shouldn’t be there. Additionally, if your smartphone’s battery isn’t functioning properly or functioning properly, Google Maps will drown the battery further.

How can I exit navigation inside Google Maps via Google Assistant?

Every Android smartphone comes with Google Maps and it’s the identical situation in the case of iPhone users. Everyone must use Google Maps all the time. This issue is one that’s been simmering for some time inside the Google software.

Navigation is a tool we use whenever we need to go to a location we’re not familiar with, or to an area that’s not familiar to us. When driving, it is necessary to make use of Google Assistant to drive safely. This is done manually. start by using Google Assistant with a simple command of “Ok Google. It will then tell us the direction we’re taking and provide us with directions via voice. When you’ve arrived at your destination, you simply have to shout “Exit Navigation” and then close navigation.’

Extra Tip

When you turn on the direction navigation feature in Maps the AI assistant will begin talking to you about directions. If you don’t want or want to disable the direction Exit Navigation feature, simply turn it off. It’s as simple to do as saying”Mute Voice direction. In order for it to on again, then you’ll have to talk through the phone’s microphone “unmute vocal guidance.

What is the best way to use HTML0 to make use of the AI Assistant?

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Assistant, panic not. You can enable it by using the AI function of your phone. Modern phones as well as some older models have this feature. It doesn’t matter what brand you’re using. It’s a simple task. It’s hands-free so you can utilize it for cooking, eating, driving or whatever else you perform that requires your hands.

You have to start using the AI by saying “OK Google”. It will start with a dialog box near the bottom of the phone. It will display several blinking lights within the box. At this moment you can see that the AI Assistant will take your commands of you. It is possible to ask whatever you’d like. For example, you can give me the latest weather forecast or open maps or discuss your favorite movies. …. It’ll answer or show you something you’d like to know.

Do I Exit Navigation with a hand?

In Maps There is a cross icon on the left edge of your screen. By clicking on it, you can shut down the app and leave navigation.

It’s as easy as opening the notification bar and then pressing Exit Navigation. This will resolve your issue.

Alternative methods to leave Navigation

  • by closing it off the app and then closing in the mode of navigation.
  • If you close the Maps or when you press the exit button the Exit Navigation won’t stop and you’ll be able to stop the notification. It is possible to open the notification bar and tap it for three to four mins (long long tapping). A dialog box will appear.

Click on”Block”, and you’ll be able to delete the message.

  • If none of the above methods are working, check the settings on your phone. Choose Apps Management, then choose Google Maps. An additional window should pop up with an option to disable or stop the force under that name. Select it to launch the app. It will eliminate all notifications coming from the Maps app that runs in the background. Any annoying notifications will be gone.

Tricks for Bonus

If you’re considering deleting your app data to get rid of the annoying notifications. I would suggest you take the opposite approach. It’s best to shut down the program, or even disable it, instead of erasing all data.

If you stick to these guidelines It will definitely help you in one way or another way. Navigation isn’t actually a problem. You just need some smart tips to navigate it. I hope this helps in navigating your way and eases your burden.

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