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Nandi Hills – More Than A Road Trip For Bangaloreans

by Uneeb Khan
Nandi hills


Nandi hills are the best and nearest destination from Bangalore and for people who live in Bangalore, it is a very beautiful hilltop which offers us a mesmerising view which we did not expect from a place near such a big city like Bangalore it gives us a 360-degree view from the top and this place is not only a  tourist place it is a place which is related to our history and our great king tipu sultan and this mountain have some big temples and old too and this place have a fort of tipu sultan.

This fort is the summers favourite place of the tipu sultan and there is a place in the fort which is straight from the hill to the ground that place is the place from where the king punishes the culprits and this fort is known as Task-a-Jannat and it can found in Nandi hills in current time and some structure of wall and ceiling all are the piece of art. And the surprising part is Nandi hills is only 1 or 1.5 hours away from Bangalore city it is almost 60km away you can go for a drive and reach this place it is the best place to visit from Bangalore, with friends or family any of the ways you can visit this place and this place have connectivity from different roadways like taxi, bus, or your own vehicle.

Places on Nandi hills are wonders of art of our old cultural temples and all the structures at the top of the Nandi hills are the best and one of the most famous tourist attractions near Bangalore.

Things To Do In Nandi Hills 

There are plenty of things to do in Nandi hills adventure seekers can go to Nandi hills, a nature lover can go to Nandi hills, history lovers can go to Nandi hills all of the different things are available in Nandi hills. Some major things you can do in Nandi hills.


Paragliding is a sport which is loved a lot by adventure seekers and paragliding options are so much less in our country some places only offer this activity and the Nandi hills are one of those places in India. If you are going to Nandi hills you should go for this activity.


A lot of visitors to Nadini hills love to take a ride around the hills with the magical view of hills and valleys. This is not a common bike ride, it is something special you should try.


If you are a person who loves adventure you can take a trek to the top of Nandi hills there is a moderate level trek route that can be covered in some hours and done by a beginner to an experienced trekker and this trek gives you the experience you will expect from a very tough trek and which make you grind a lot but this trek gives you all in just a little grind you must do this trek whether you are a beginner or an experienced trekker.


After a good trek, you can stay at the top and camp under the beautiful stars. Can enjoy a campfire and make food there enjoy the night with friends. You can experience the beautiful sunset and sunrise 360 beautiful morning view. For the person who lives in a crowded city, all these things hit like something else enjoying the view and cycling around the hill.


Trekking is one of the things which is available in Nandi hills. For adventure lovers, it is one of the best things. You can trek to the top of the Nandi and then enjoy at the top it is a moderate level of the trek. It is one of the things which attract almost a big chunk of people. Who comes there this trek will make you feel so amazing. The view from this place is something else you will get. This type of view from a big trek makes you grind a lot and take you a lot more than this small trek. This can be your go-to trek from Bangalore. You should visit this place.  

Tipu’s Drop

Tipu’s drop is the place which I mentioned above in starting. As the place from where king tipu sultan punished the guilty people. They used to throw them from the height of 600m above sea level. This is one of the cruellest things of punishment. They tosh the prisoner from this cliff.

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