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How Electrical Contractors Can Keep Their Customers Engaged

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Customer engagement is maintaining a good relationship between a company and its customers. Its main goal is to foster customer loyalty, which businesses can do in multiple ways. It differs between customer experience and satisfaction, but it often goes hand in hand with the two.

As an electrical contractor, you can significantly benefit from focusing on your customer engagement. If you don’t know how you can do that, continue reading.

Utilize a business management app

Getting a business management app like Jobber can help you keep your customers engaged. With it, your people can focus more on communicating with your customers than their mundane day-to-day admin tasks. Moreover, a management app can improve customer service in various ways, like quickly generating quotes, sending notification messages, and allowing self-service to customers.

Take advantage of business analytics tools

Now is the best time to have a business. Many free and paid tools are out there on the web that can help you figure out the best business decisions for your company. One of those tools is electrical contractor software that has business analytics tools.

With business analytics tools, you can have greater insight into the typical profiles of your customers. It helps you understand their behaviors and how you can service them better. The ability to make informed strategic business decisions enables you to engage with your customers on a much deeper level and promote enhanced loyalty in them.

Establish a customer loyalty program

Creating a customer loyalty program is the most direct way to build customer loyalty and keep your customers engaged with your brand and company. As they say, a simple incentive can go a long way. With a customer loyalty program, you actively acknowledge and reward customers for trusting your brand, which can significantly influence them and develop their loyalty to your business.

Follow up with customers

Customer engagement doesn’t only happen during a business transaction. It can also happen and be done even after it. As for an electrical contractor, engaging your customers after you provide your service through a follow-up is advantageous. Aside from maintaining a good relationship with your customers, follow-ups can also ensure their satisfaction and catch anything you might have missed during their job order. 

Provide personalized services

Providing personalized services is one of the book’s oldest tricks, but it can be tricky to pull off when it comes to electrical contractors. After all, there’s always room for personalization in any business, even if it involves wires and electricity. 

Improving customer support and employee-customer interaction is an excellent way to personalize your services. It’s often good enough to show that you care to let the customer feel that you’re taking your job personally with them. A survey found that two out of three customers often feel like a ticket number if they feel that there’s a lack of personalization with the service they receive.

Use social media to the fullest

You can also take advantage of social media platforms in conjunction with business analytics tools. These websites can allow you to market and analyze your customers. They also come with their business analytics tools, often available to everyone for free.

Aside from that, social media platforms can help you directly engage with your customers. You can do that by posting interesting but relevant posts on your accounts. You can even use your social media accounts to let them message you if they need to get a job done or if they want to ask you some questions.

Of course, don’t forget social media marketing as well. With a few minutes of your time and a few dollars, you can reach almost anyone in your service area. You wouldn’t want to miss that.

Map your customer’s journey

To further understand your customers, you need to be able to map their journey to converting with you. It’s a roadmap filled with events and actions that every one of your customers goes through before they reach you and pay for a service.

In this map, you need to know the critical touchpoints that influenced them to choose you instead of your competitors. You’ll need to bank on those touchpoints, amplify them, and exploit them to the fullest.

For example, if the common reason your customers decide to get your service is that a particular influencer recommended you, you may want to get that influencer to advertise for you.


Those are just a few ways an electrical contractor like you can engage your customers. Remember, the main goal is to convert your customers into loyal ones. Indeed, you can also think of other ways to do that together with the ones mentioned in this article.


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