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How Fintech Firms Can Benefit from Salesforce Implementation

by Uneeb Khan

Many businesses are already catching up with Salesforce, and why not; after all, it offers so many benefits and features that can make them forget about their traditional legacy systems. Different industry sectors have already been making the most of Salesforce. One such sector that is leveraging Salesforce in the best possible way is the finance sector. Salesforce implementation has been proving to be game-changing for fintech firms across the globe.

If we talk about the finance sector, it includes capital firms, lending companies, banks, and the insurance sector. Considering the nature of the work, it can clearly be understood that the work at these firms requires a lot of paperwork and manual intervention. From gathering data to initiating the verification and approval process, it could be a lot of time taking. That’s something Salesforce can help these firms with.

Talking about considering Salesforce for fintech firms, there are numerous benefits associated with it, which we are going to uncover as we move ahead in the blog.

Hiring Salesforce Implementation Services for Fintech Firms

There are many benefits that make Salesforce implementation a great decision for fintech firms. Some of these benefits are listed below:

  • Deliver customer-centric services

Finance has always been an industry that is very much customer-facing. However, the work involves a lot of paperwork, making it necessary to pull data about customers whenever required. With the help of Salesforce implementation services, it has become easier to store and manage customer records.

Teams at these firms can easily access data over a unified platform, thus making it convenient to understand the unique requirements of customers. This enables the team to analyze customer data more efficiently and prepare new strategies to meet customer expectations and improve relationships.

  • Boost sales and lead conversion rate

With Salesforce, fintech companies can access numerous features that help the representatives to work with advanced lead generation processes, enabling them to achieve a boost in conversion rate. 

Not only this, when teams use Sales Cloud by Salesforce, it helps reps to prepare personalized sales strategies for customers by collecting and analyzing the needed customer data. Salesforce helps to consolidate customer data from different channels and provides a combined view of analysis on a single screen, thus making it easier for teams to analyze it. This provides them the ease to achieve the needed results from sales campaigns.

  • Increase customer engagement

There’s no denying the fact that fintech firms like banking institutions are highly customer-facing and require them to engage with the companies a lot. So, it is common for such firms to need a solution that could help record all the customer engagement, evaluate the respective data, and provide the reps with the clarity of their expectations. This not just helps in improving engagement with customers but enables the team to accurately plan a personalized approach to dealing with customers. 

Using Salesforce the right way will enable banking institutions to record customer engagement efficiently, keeping all the siloed customer data together. This majorly helps services teams to stay updated on the customer journey, making them able to understand the customer and engage in the right direction. This way, service teams can achieve a productivity boost while making customers happy with quick assistance.

  • Market segmentation

When it is about delivering personalized services, the focus is given to providing the right assistance with relevant services and products to the right customer segment. This is where a Salesforce implementation partner can help you, enabling you to segment your target audience so you can target each segment with personalized assistance.

This way, you’ll be able to send products and services offers that are relevant to customers, thus increasing the chances of them coming to you.

Implement Salesforce for your Fintech Firm

It’s a given that companies working in the fintech sector have a lot of data to be handled safely while providing personalized services to customers. Salesforce makes it all possible, bringing information from different applications and channels into one place, making it easier for the reps in financial services to analyze it and act accordingly. 

The only need is to have a reliable Salesforce partner that can help you use the Salesforce solution the right way for your firm. Get such certified experts at 360 Degree Cloud to get your custom Salesforce solution implemented safely so you can get the results you expect.

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