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How it works and how to take advantage of the auto insurance bonus

Much has been said about auto insurance bonuses. However, policyholders do not always understand how it works. Follow the text and find out now all about the auto insurance bonus. Also learn how to save on insurance and clear your doubts in this article.

Most people know that when an individual has bonus points they can get a discount on their insurance.

But how to get these deductions? Can I lose them? If you question aspects of this type, this text is for you!

Another very common question from users is related to discount values.

It is not uncommon to hear “complaints” from policyholders who, when renewing insurance, did not have their costs greatly reduced.

After all, what percentage of the deductions? See everything you need below!

What is the auto insurance bonus?

It’s like having doubts and wondering what a bonus is, as well as knowing how it works. The auto insurance bonus is a kind of bonus that insurers make available to customers according to their profile.

When you take out auto insurance for the first time, you have zero bonuses. As time passes, your score will increase.

More precisely, one point is added to the user’s insurance bonus class for each year of insurance use, provided certain rules are met.

The score of the bonus classes ranges from 0 to 10 and this is common among insurers, whether it is Azul insurance, Porto Seguro auto, Santander auto insurance, Youse insurance and others.

Therefore, those who have had auto insurance for 10 years, have never suffered an accident and have always renewed their insurance quickly, will have the maximum score.

This type of bonus is linked to the insured person’s CPF.

Therefore, even if there is a change of insurer or car, the bonuses will continue to be valid.

When do I accumulate bonus classes?

As mentioned, to accumulate your bonus points at the time of insurance renewal , you must see the insurers’ bonus rule at the time of insurance renewal .

They are quite simple.

The user only needs to meet two requirements:

  1. Not having activated the insurance after a claim during the 1-year term of the previous contract;
  2. It does not take more than 181 days to renew or purchase new vehicle protection after the expiration of the previous policy

How do I find out what my auto insurance bonus class is?

Your current auto insurance bonus class is always stated on the policy .

If you cannot find the information, contact your broker.

He can inform you about it.

In any case, you can also estimate your class.

Just calculate how many years you’ve had car insurance, and how many times you’ve triggered protection for an accident.

The difference between these two numbers results in your bonus class.

In any case, remember that a consumer can accumulate a maximum of 10 insurance bonus classes .

If you estimate 12 of them, you still have 10 points accumulated.

What is the amount of the discount according to the auto insurance bonus?

Each insurer offers a specific discount percentage when calculating auto insurance , depending on the bonus class that the insured person is in.

Therefore, it is important to analyze the insurance bonus class table of the company you work with.

That way, you can be sure your premium will be deducted on your next insurance renewal .

By the way, this is essential so that you do not feel “cheated”.

Imagine that your previous insurer gave you a 5% discount with 5 classes.

Now with 6 classes, you received the same 5% discount at another insurance company.

This can happen because the companies’ discount tables are different.

In many cases, the discounts offered start at around 5% and can go as high as 50%.

Then, the question may arise: “But why doesn’t my insurance have a lower value, if my bonus only increases?”.

From one year to another, it is common for there to be an adjustment in the value of the insurance, which causes the price to increase.

Furthermore, new coverages can be added and the risks involved increase, along with the premium.

For example: every year, more cars are stolen , and this ends up influencing the price of insurance.

As a result, your insurance may remain at the previous year’s price.

It will not mean that the bonus was not applied, but that the cost of protection was higher.

That is, if the account did not have the associated bonus, the amount of your insurance could be much higher.

What other ways to save on insurance?

In addition to the bonus class, other aspects can strongly influence the cost of car insurance.

As the number of coverages contracted : generally, the more complete the protection, the more expensive it is.

Therefore, it is interesting to always purchase only the protections that make sense for your vehicle.

It’s no use, for example, protecting the car against flooding, if these occurrences don’t exist in your city.

It is also interesting, whenever possible, to install safety devices in the car.

Like the alarm, which makes it difficult to steal or rob the vehicle.

The car tracker, on the other hand, can facilitate the recovery of the good, reducing the insurer’s costs.

This is because, when the car is taken and not recovered, the insurer must pay the full compensation, which is greater.

On the other hand, if the vehicle is delivered to the consumer again, the company usually just pays the amounts for repairs.

It is worth mentioning that some factors make insurance more expensive and deserve care.

For example: a male driver pays more for car protection than a female driver.

This is because they suffer fewer traffic accidents and therefore have a lower risk of accident.

Knowing this, you may feel “tempted” to indicate your wife, daughter or other as the main driver of the vehicle.

After all, the main driver is the most evaluated when defining the driver profile and insurance price.

However, after a claim, insurers assess whether the information they have is consistent with reality.

If not, the company may refuse to pay compensation, alleging fraud on the part of the consumer.

Then, the user will need to pay off his damage to the car on his own.

When can I lose my bonus?

In the same way that he accumulates bonuses, the consumer can lose them.

This can happen in different situations: delay in renewing insurance , claiming insurance after a claim and reducing insurance.

Delay in renewing insurance

The longer the user takes to renew the insurance , the more bonus points he loses.

The ideal is not to let the policy expire to research prices and calculate auto insurance with other insurers.

Thus, at the end of the insurance, you will be sure if you want to continue with the same company, or if you are going to change it.

It will then be enough to sign the protection renewal contract.

claims and bonuses

Every time an accident occurs with the vehicle and the car insurance is triggered, the consumer loses a bonus point.

This occurs both in cases of partial claim and total loss.

In the case of a partial claim, the vehicle must be repaired and the deductible paid.

The deductible is the value of the user’s responsibility for repairing the car.

Thus, the user receives full compensation for the vehicle, for the purchase of a new car.

Full compensation is also paid when the vehicle is stolen or stolen and not recovered by the police.

Both full and partial compensation must be paid by the insurer within 30 days.

This period starts from the registration of the claim and the delivery of the requested documents to the insurer.

The 30-day break can also be interrupted. That is if information is missing.

Then, the insurer will contact the user, requesting the data.

It will resume counting time once answered.

The more times the insurance is activated, the more loss there is in the score, until it reaches zero.

In this case, the bonuses will be counted again after another year of the contract, renewed without triggering the claim insurance.

Third-party insurance bonus

In the case of insurance for third parties, even if the damage did not occur to your vehicle, there will also be loss of bonus points.

Coverage for third parties is optional, and known as Civil Liability.

With it, the insurer covers the damage to the other person involved in the accident, without the user having to take money out of his own pocket.

Due to this characteristic, coverage is usually quite worthwhile.

But the bonus will be lost, so it’s important to make sure that insurance really needs to be triggered.

Passenger insurance and bonuses

This type of coverage is very similar to the previous one, but it works for passengers.

With her, once again it was necessary to ask for help from the insurance company.

Then the bonuses also decrease.

insurance reduction

Insurance is classified by categories, which corresponds to the value and amount of coverage they offer.

When there is a category reduction, it is also possible that there is a bonus reduction.

For example: you have complete insurance, with coverage against theft, theft, collision and insurance against third parties .

Next year, however, it prefers to renew only the coverage that protects against robbery and theft.

Therefore, there may be a reduction in the bonus.

But the rules vary according to the insurer, so it’s important to consult the company about it.

Can I not trigger the insurance and keep the bonuses?

There are situations where triggering auto insurance won’t be worth it.

After all, every time you apply for help from the insurance company, you will lose a class.

However, your policy is very close to the end and, if you accumulate one more class, you will have a R$ 1,500 discount on the next contract.

So how about paying for the entire repair out of pocket and getting that discount?

If you pay the R$1,000 alone this time, you will get the R$1,500 discount on the next policy.

But if you call the insurer, you will lose a bonus class and still not receive a new one upon insurance renewal.

Therefore, your discount will be small, probably not worth having triggered the insurance for the R$ 500 that the insurer paid to the repair shop.

To make this decision, evaluate the insurer’s discount table.

Be sure that the class to come will guarantee you a good benefit!

You can also talk to your broker so that, together, you can choose the best option for your pocket.

Is there any way to sue the insurer and keep the bonds?

There is indeed a way to activate the insurance company and keep the bonus: using the 24-hour services, as already mentioned.

The 24-hour assistance services do not interfere with bonuses, as they do not constitute claims.

This means that if you need to use a winch , call for mechanical, electrical, locksmith assistance or other benefits available 24 hours a day, there will be no loss of bonus.

If I change cars, do I lose the bonus?

As already mentioned, the insurance bonus classes are linked to the user’s CPF.

Therefore, changing vehicles does not result in the loss of points.

Still, you have to be careful.

You will be able to take out a new policy for your new car, but you will only have the bonuses you already had.

To reach a new class, you will need to complete a full year with the new insurance.

The ideal is always to talk to your broker, to see if it’s really worth taking out new insurance.

In some cases, it is possible to make a protection endorsement .

That is, making a change to the policy that already exists, just changing the type of car.

In this scenario, the deadline for a new bonus class will continue to run as normal.

Do I lose the bonus when changing insurers?

Changing insurers does not result in loss of bonus.

There is a common record among insurers, and they can check which bonus you have through your CPF.

This means you can switch insurance companies and take your bonuses to another.

However, remember to be careful with the period between the expiration of the policy and the contracting of the new protection.

As we explain throughout the text, the delay in renewing insurance leads to the gradual loss of points.

Is it possible to transfer bonus classes to someone else?

Car insurance bonus class transfer is not very common, but some insurers agree to do it.

In these cases, the company performs the so-called Transfer of Rights and Obligations (TDO).

It is usually done between spouses, from parents to children (or vice versa) and between partners of a company.

Another option is the transfer of points from a legal entity to an individual.

That is, between a company and one of its directors and managers.

Companies usually hire insurance for their fleet of vehicles for employees, for example.

How to hire good insurance with bonuses?

Having some bonus classes will guarantee you a more affordable price when hiring auto insurance.

But the discount is not the only point that needs to be evaluated to hire protection.

In fact, it is essential to be sure that the insurance company you choose is a good one.

Especially if this is your first time working with the company.

Knowing the insurer’s reputation is the first step.

To do so, access the company’s social networks and its Reclame Aqui page.

In these spaces, consumers usually register their opinions and complaints about the insurance service.

If you notice a lot of complaints, maybe the chosen company is not the best.

After all, if current policyholders aren’t satisfied with the service, why would you be?

If many “Excluded Risks” appear in the contract, the insurance will probably not be very advantageous.

Excluded risks are situations in which the insurer does not pay for the user’s loss.

If they are numerous in the policy, it may be that the company is trying to “swindle” you.

Lastly, always talk to your broker.

Specialist in the subject, he will be able to indicate the best protection plans and give you tips on coverage and bonuses.

Which insurers offer car insurance bonuses? 

The bonus is a common practice among insurers offering auto insurance. Enjoy and clear all your doubts about what a bonus is, a bonus rule, among others. 

What if the insurance company refuses to give me the renewal discount for my bonus? 

Insurers may refuse to grant you the discount, based on the auto insurance bonus, if your vehicle has a red license plate. That is, taxi, car rental, driving school and others. 

In addition, it is also possible to lose the insurance bonus class, as we already mentioned. So, check if the reason for the refusal has to do with the fact that you triggered the insurance and other reasons that made you lose the bonus. 

When in doubt, talk to your insurance broker or the insurance company itself.

Now that you know everything about auto insurance bonuses, don’t wait for your policy to expire to get a new quote.

Do a price search right now and use your bonuses to get a discount!

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