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What are the Choices Available for the Perfect Engagement Ring?

by Uneeb Khan
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In spite of the several types of rings available, diamond rings are the most common and popular choice for engagement rings. Diamonds are not just the hardest rock in the world but also the most beautiful one. Diamonds are believed to add elegance and grace to jewellery and so are preferred over other precious stones.

Moreover, the marketing strategy that diamond companies use to promote diamonds with the tag, “A diamond is forever” has only added to its popularity among jewellery enthusiasts. The sheer magnificence of diamonds is believed to add charm to the wearer’s personality and impress everyone around.

Now, if you have made up your mind to look for options in diamonds to Buy Engagement Rings, here are some ideas on the styles and types of diamond rings that could help you make a choice.

Ring Styles and Settings:

When you visit a jeweller in your area to get Local Diamond Jewellery, they will categorise the products based on the styles of the rings. The ring styles are a major way of differentiating between diamond rings. But apart from the styles, there is also a more technical way of categorising diamond rings, that is the setting.

When shopping for rings based on the diamond setting, it is important that you are well aware of the terminologies. We have tried to define the various ring setting for you to know better.

Prong: In this type of setting, small pieces of metal are used to secure the diamond or other precious stones in a ring. There are again two types of prong designs for rings, the classic design and the claw design. In the classic design small beads of metal secure the centre, whereas in the claws prong the metal is extended to a point for a sleek and elegant look.

Peg Head: In a peg head setting, the peg head is shouldered separately on the ring shank to hold the diamond higher. A peg head generally has 5 to 6 claws to securely hold the diamond.

Basket: In a basket setting, the prongs are featured as a basket that securely helps the diamond and optimizes the light that will pass through the diamond by setting it low.

Integrated Head: The Integrated head setting is more like a continuous piece as the centre gemstone sits lower and more flush with the band.

Bezel: In a bezel setting, the centre stone is surrounded by a thin border made of precious metal that holds the gem to the band. This setting brings a more contemporary look to the ring.

Cathedral: The cathedral setting has an archway design that securely holds the gemstone to the band.

Pave: Pave comes from the French word paved and in this setting accent stones and gemstones pave the band of the ring. The setting of the gemstones or the diamond ensures a dazzling finish to the ring.

Solitaire: This is probably the most classic and timeless design for diamond rings. This setting features a single diamond in the centre and is the most traditional choice for an engagement ring.

Halo: A halo setting is a glamorous one where a center big diamond is accentuated by smaller diamonds all around. The accent smaller diamonds help in creating sparkle and enhance the visual impact of the centre stone.

These are some of the popular settings that you will come across while shopping for a diamond ring. Now let’s check out the popular styles that you can consider when you Buy Engagement Rings.

Traditional and Elegant Styles: For those who love classic designs can opt for traditional options like solitaire or a three-stone setting that look elegant and yet glamorous.

Outdoorsy and nature-loving: For those who are a lover of nature can go for rings that have a touch of nature in them. The rings with designs of leaves, vines, or flowers can suit them best. In this regard, a bezel setting can also work best for them.

Stylish and Outgoing: If you are planning to dazzle and awestruck everyone around you, opt for a pave or halo setting for the most glamorous outlook. Both these settings are designed to create the “wow” factor and give a dazzling effect to the centre stone.

Romantic and Timeless: For the most timeless and romantic styles you can opt for settings that come with filigree patterns, dainty bands, minute details etc. You can also look for vintage designs that give the perfect feel of timelessness.

Modern and Minimalist: Most modern designs are made to be minimalist and elegant keeping in mind the modern working women. These styles are designed to keep up with fashion trends, eye-catchy engravings and unique shapes.

Final Thought

Well, these are the popular and most common choices available for engagement rings. However, you can always customize your Local Diamond Jewellery taking inspiration from these styles and settings and creating something for yourself or your loved one that represents the personality. Engagements are special as it is a step towards a new relationship, so begin your journey with diamonds and mark your forever.

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