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How long is Kashmir Great Lakes Trek?

by Uneeb Khan



Kashmir Great Lakes are perhaps the most excellent journeys in India. No inquiry. It approves of Kashmir’s legendary status as paradise on the planet. This is on the grounds that the trip is set in a material that is awesome. It is located 75 km east of Srinagar. Consistently is a 360° scene of wild, rough mountains, moving glades, and turquoise elevated lakes. What’s more, you get more than seven of these lakes and five totally different valleys to investigate! 

Difficulty level

The scope of the scene makes it a moderate – difficult trip traversing more than six days. This implies it has long travelling days with steep climbs and plummets with no simple leaf focus. Thus, it’s not implied for a presented amateur to high-height journey. Having said that, the difficulties are worth the effort. Every day is postcard great, with another high lake to anticipate. What makes these lakes much prettier are the snow fixes that feed these lakes. Once in a while, you’ll see smooth white icy masses drifting on the lake’s inky blue surface.

How to start

Beginning from Sonamarg, this trip will take you through 11 elevated lakes, rich green glades, mobile rushes of sheep, monster mountains, lakes taken care of by icy masses, and various other fantastic marvels of nature. Consistently will be a gift here – as you will cross various segments, you will get looks at Mount Harmukh, Gadsar Peak, Mount Vishu, Maple and Pine timberlands, different Himalayan creatures like Common Leopard, Himalayan Marmot, Black Bear, and bunch assortments of roses and trees. 

Things to Carry 

  • If it’s getting close to winter, you’ll want to dress warmly.
  • Extra pair of garments
  • Medicines just in case of any emergencies
  • First Aid kit
  • Portable charger, earphones, headphones while travelling
  • With a waterproof camera case, you can capture beautiful scenery.
  • Torch with extra batteries
  • Extra and sufficient cash
  • Carry fundamental archives for picture ID evidence like Adhar Card, container card and so forth
  • Carry Vaccine certificates
  • Carry some snacks with you
  • If you want to read while travelling, bring some books with you.
  • Travelling shoes with a thick sole to ensure open to journeying

Is it safe?

Incredible Lakes trip to Kashmir is totally ok for global as well as homegrown sightseers. Most significant is legitimate direction and coordination.

Why visit?

Incredible Lakes Trek has been a great involvement in a few amazing perspectives on valleys, lakes, streams and frigid mountains. Beginning from the excursion from Sonamarg to Naranag, the trip was loaded up with life and energy. The weather conditions can get gnawing cold however it is worth the effort. Most trips to the Himalayas are exceptionally grand.

However, Kashmir Great Lakes is on its own. The mountains of Kashmir are that way, as a matter of fact. They have an awesome presence around you. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek isn’t just charming in its perspectives but on the other hand, is a clear one to explore.

The path switches effectively among climbs and plunges all through the journey. Since you are continually presenting your body to higher elevations and returning to a lower height to rest, acclimatization is more straightforward on the KGL journey when contrasted with its partners. The weather conditions are just exquisite on the trip during July and September and seldom turn awful. The landscape for the most part comprises rambling glades. 

When to Visit?

KGL is best done in the long stretches of July/August and early September. These storms last a long time in the remainder of India however the opposite side of Pir Panjal gets significantly less downpour. All things considered, the mountains get their mid-year showers and the blossoms sprout into an uproar of shadings. Different valleys have various shadings. Truth be told, July to September are viewed as pinnacle summers progressing to Autumn.

This is likewise one reason why Kashmir is only amazing during these months. The shadings you get to see and the scene continue to change over a time of 90 days and Kashmir prepares to invite Autumn. While the remainder of the nation encounters the rainstorm season during this time, remembering most paths for Uttarakhand like Valley of Flowers. Be that as it may, Kashmir is a special case. This is fundamentally on the grounds that the Pir Panjal range that isolates Kashmir from the remainder of the Indian subcontinent, obstructs the rainstorm. 

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