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Immigration Platform Technologies to boost your Firm’s Efficiency

by Uneeb Khan

How technology can help automate immigration management systems

Businesses need to adapt new technology to survive, it’s a do or die situation. The Covid pandemic has made this a crystal-clear choice. In the immigration space, it is vital for Attorney firms and petitioner companies to move to Immigration management systems that are digital and are powered by cutting edge technology.

The Technology Handshake

Immigration Platform Technologies can automate manual processes and thus speed the overall productivity of immigration teams. This results in increased efficiency and happy clients. Technology can help streamline client communications, build rules, populate, and pull data into forms, analyze data precision seamlessly, in this ever-changing world of immigration policies and procedures. does ivermectin kill mites other than scanies Let’s see the top immigration platform technologies offered by Imagility, that can help you do all this and more, to convince you to adapt it quickly.

Automated Business Rules

In managing a petition, there are multiple dependencies between various steps. A strong validation system is required to validate the data present. While individual form fields are validated and user input is controlled, many a times multiple business rules drive whether a particular petition is valid or not. These rules are often decided by authorities concerned and need to be verified manually, at various levels. 

Any technology-driven system should be dynamic enough to manage these rules. Drools is a business rules management system that is capable of managing these dynamic rules. ivermectin cream 1 % Imagility’s Petition builder relies on Drools business rule management system to manage and trigger rules at various points of petition building to maintain the fidelity of data.

Petition Builder

Manually creating and filing petitions takes a heavy toll on Attorney firms racing against deadlines and struggling to maintain accuracy during petition building. 

Instead, an efficient immigration management system could run on Intelligent automation which in turn could provide comprehensive visa and green card automation including job description development, role and LCA mapping, collecting, and analysing receipts and RFEs etc. Key elements of the petition can be built meticulously through a guided approach to building robust petitions. revectina

Template Builder

Attorney firms spend a lot of time creating cover and support letters for clients, painstakingly filling all necessary information. 

A technology solution where a master repository of templates with pre-populated company information, enables complete and effective cover and support letter creation would be recommended. Relevant data from stakeholders could automatically get populated into the cover and support letter templates.  

Petition Analysis

A Technology-enabled virtual adjudicator that can highlights missing details from a petition, and tirelessly suggest recommendations to building effective petitions, minimizing RFEs and denials would save hours and hours of time spent manually by Attorneys trying to improve the success rates of petitions, under tremendous stress and pressing deadlines.

Petition Analysis checks the various petition elements like all filing requirements, petitioner requirements, position details, presence of required documents, correct fees, etc. At the end of the process, users shall be able to view the report that visually represents the completeness of the petition, findings from the analysis and recommendations. 

RFE Response Builder

If Attorneys could build RFE responses through a seamless workflow using existing petition details using a technology solution, it would save a lot of time and effort. RFE responses could be built quickly, in a structured manner, thereby improving the success rates of petitions. This could be a gamechanger.

Practice Management Software

Technology solutions could touch upon all aspects of any immigration management system, making it truly collaborative:

  • If attorneys can automatically interface with beneficiaries, workload is divided, and tasks executed in shorter timelines.
  • A guided approach to building petitions would provide beneficiary support without utilizing more time. 
  • Automatic notifications could help faster communication without having to chase beneficiaries through calls and mails.
  • A cloud-based solution, handling heavy workloads smoothly, with data accessibility possible anytime, anywhere.
  • If initial case management is quick, attorneys could look up cases anytime with scheduling ability and data storage.
  • Onboarding multiple users from the same attorney firm and associating different roles to users with granular data access.
  • Collaboration with peers and other stakeholders. 
  • A well-positioned petition generated as a pdf with all the relevant data populated automatically.
  • Fully digital:  Securely store and access sensitive files and documents digitally, enabling digital signatures to quickly verify.

Reporting and Analytics

Technology could make immigration simple and easy by simplifying convoluted immigration processes into smooth workflows that are intuitive to the user. Added to this if there was extensive reporting and analytics feature, forecasting would be made easy, along with and tracking and managing immigration with standard and custom reports. 

What if a single technology solution has all this?

You can build the key elements of the petition meticulously or use Imagility to experience a guided approach to building robust petitions. The Imagility Platform enables collaboration among all stakeholders and covers the immigration process end-to-end with intelligent tools and technology.The Attorney Dashboard on the Imagility Platform and associated menus will help attorney firms manage their workload and cases. With Imagility scaling to meet large volumes, it will not be a challenge to manage multiple clients, without losing on core activities.
This technology handshake is necessary for you to streamline functions, stay competitive and be cost effective in running your immigration management system. Imagility is ready, are YOU?

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