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How to Create a Website That Will Rule the SEO Game:

by Uneeb Khan

What steps should I take to build a website that ranks highly in Google Search? What should I pay attention to? To appear high in Google searches, your website must be built with search engine optimization in mind. So, this entails building a website with top-notch information that is both attractive to the eye and loads rapidly.

Your website can be search engine optimised in a variety of ways. The important thing is to make sure that your website is easy to use and offers content that is pertinent to your audience.

The act of making changes to and creating a website or web page for a search engine’s organic (“natural”) results, also known as organic listings, natural listings, or just “Organic.”

Designing A Website For SEO:

Consumers now rely heavily on the internet as a source of information. It stands to reason that companies would want their websites to appear prominently in search results. Therefore, this entails having a website that is optimised for keywords and well-designed.

The process of optimising a website for search engines involves several key steps. As follows:

1 – Compile a list of keyphrases

The first step in any effective SEO strategy is often to undertake keyword research. What’s one of the best techniques to find out what words your target audience uses?

Utilizing Google Suggest

A list of ideas will show up when you begin typing a keyword into Google’s search box. These frequently make great SEO keywords because the bureau book is directly from Google.

(This demonstrates that you are aware that people are sincerely looking for them.) Long-tail keywords are also often less competitive than “short tail” ones because they are lengthier.

Long tails may have low search volume levels, but it’s usually easier to rank for them. To check the volume of searches and degree of competition for particular terms, use a keyword tool like Semrush or Ubersuggest.

2- Mobile compatibility

Keep in mind that more individuals are browsing the internet on mobile devices when building your website. Having a mobile-friendly website can not only enhance user experience for your visitors but also help you rank higher because Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor.

The ideal method for creating a website that accomplishes this is responsive design, which guarantees that your site is properly suited for all devices and works flawlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Given that your users are arriving from a variety of sources (especially mobile), it requires some HTML, CSS, and WordPress development, but the effort is probably justified. If you have a different mobile website, there will be a problem with duplicate material. It is preferable to utilise responsive design because it resolves this problem.

3- Images of high quality:

There’s a lot more to it than merely attaching an image to the topic. In order for a website to function, images are required. A single paragraph devoid of visuals is strongly discouraged. In any circumstance, people favour visual representation. As you might have imagined, it would assist if you also optimised your photos.

When you store photographs on your computer, give them meaningful names. Since you will publish it to your website and picture searches are prevalent, give it a name that is associated with the concept and subject.

When looking for a picture of a cup of coffee, the searcher will go to the photos page, locate your image there, and then visit your website.

Although high-quality photographs are wonderful, your designer should remember to downsize them. Your page will load more slowly if it takes up a lot of space. Your website’s rating will suffer as your bounce rate increases. Since you can alter your blog photographs online, you can quickly construct a website and avoid this with a few simple actions.

4- Keep the URL structure straightforward.

Along with your content, your URL should make sense. Create a clear, user-friendly URL structure that represents the categorization of your website after creating a wireframe for it that contains all of the categories and sections.

Tips for cleaning up your URLs

  • Make the URL as succinct as you can while yet using language that is clear.
  • Use the right keywords in your URLs, but don’t overdo it.
  • Instead of using underscores (_), use hyphens (-), as search engines see them as part of the term rather than a technique to separate words.

5- Website Performance:

Website performance is essential for ranking better on search engines since Google will not recommend you if your site loads slowly.

If your page loads slowly, people will leave it without making any plans to come back.

You might be astonished to learn that if it takes more than three seconds for your website to load, nearly half of your visitors will leave. Users on desktop and mobile devices are both covered by this. You need good design to create a website. Consumers who are highly flexible don’t have time to wait.

Select the quickest WordPress hosting you can for your pages and the outcome. As a result, make sure your page is hosted on a dedicated server.

6- Create a sitemap:

Make sure to keep search crawlers in mind when designing an easy-to-navigate website. Sitemaps help them keep track of and index your website’s pages more rapidly. The sitemap can be used by search engines to determine URLs.

You can create an XML sitemap for crawling that contains a list of all URLs and their families in addition to an HTML sitemap for users that serves as an interactive list of all pages. Each search engine has various requirements for creating and submitting sitemap files.


Today, a successful website’s design is crucial to internet marketing. An attractive website can draw more customers in the competitive market of today.

By optimising your website in accordance with Google’s recommendations, you can rank it at the top. There are numerous approaches to website design and optimization.

The strategy of every web administrator must include SEO. Therefore, you must make sure that your website offers useful content, relevant keywords, and quality links to other websites.

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