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Preserve the Flavor of Cereals with Cereal Boxes Wholesale

by Uneeb Khan

Cereals are susceptible to getting hard and dry due to harsh weather conditions. But how to conserve the natural aroma of fresh grains? A ready-made box with average-quality material exposes the products to moisture, dirt, and germs. Nowadays, clients have become more alert while buying food items. They look for hygienic and appealing packaging.

So, nothing could be a better option than our customized boxes. Our cardboard-based custom cereal boxes give strength to the packaging and retain the freshness of the cereals for a longer time. Contact us to order now and bring your products to life.

Make Your Packaging Appealing with Informative Prints

One of the most challenging things is to get recognition. Each brand sells cereals with the same ingredients. So how to establish the brand’s name and mark out the products in the crowd? We can fix it for you. to grab the onlookers towards their favorite food item; you can fabricate a box with alluring printed designs keeping in view the target audience. We include famous portraits of kids’ cartoons and animated characters if it is related to kids. After seeing the attractive packaging of beloved food becomes difficult to avoid. Moreover, to communicate with clients through packaging, you can put on the product’s description, flavor, expiry date, and price. All these alluring and stunning color prints will tempt the buyers instantly. 

Add Glamour to the Packaging with CMYK and PMS Color Models

In the present age, people look for novel and fashionable packaging. They wish to cast aside boring packaging from their lives. You can tempt the buyers towards the brand’s products with sensational packaging. We employ two color printing models to create stunning and striking prints. That color hue scheme involves:

Includes four colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlackPantone Matching System is also known as the universal color matching method.
It is more cost-effective than PMS and mainly used for full-color printing.It is high in cost than CMYK.
CMYK is employed in offset and the digital printing procedure.PMS contains innumerable shades of hues.

What Type of Material is Suitable for Cereal Box Packaging?

The choice of printing stock is a very complicated task. Concerning the packaging of food items, you have to become more mindful regarding the stock. The types of packaging material involve:

  1. Food grade material:

Food-grade stock keeps edibles warm, fresh, and resistant to disastrous elements. We construct blank cereal boxes with food-grade material to ensure that cereals prevent moisture and contamination.

  • Kraft paper:

Kraft paper is 100% biodegradable, and its packaging is also reusable. You can choose it to protect the product as it is also vital.

  • Cardboard: 

It also has no impact on the environment’s health. For attractive packaging and eye-catchy prints, cardboard is an apt one. Moreover, the sturdy nature of cardboard enhances the shelf life of the items.

All of these material options are cost-effective and desirable for secure packing.

A Plethora of Add-ons, Laminations, and Finishings for Fascinating Box Packaging:

Our company equips various additional features to produce an aesthetically appealing and life-long box.

  1. Coatings:

First, applying laminations such as gloss and matt gives the packaging a shinier and smooth touch. On the other hand, they are invincible to wrinkles, lines, marks, moisture, sunburn, heat, etc., while the aqueous coating is water-based and gives immunity from fingerprints. Spot UV brightens the particular printing section.

  • Add-Ons:

For the adornment and safety of cereal box packaging, we also put on ribbons, hang tabs, and handles. 

  • Finishings:

The use of embossing and debossing prominent the logo and gives a natural appearance. At the same time, foil stamping in silver and gold color enriches the packaging and provides a classy look. 

We allow clients to hand-pick that choice following their taste and product requirements.

Select us for Cereal Packaging Wholesale:

UrgentBoxes, one of the well-known packaging providers, supplies remarkable services at wholesale rates.  The contentment of our clients is the first and foremost choice. We deliver 100% guaranteed services. Put trust in us and experience our state-of-the-art facilities at reasonable prices. 

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