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How to draw a cartoon football

by Uneeb Khan

How to draw a cartoon football. There are many different sporting events that people around the world like to watch and play. Of all these, football is known to be the most popular, and billions of fans worldwide exist.

Whether in the most prestigious or backyard stadiums, it’s a sport that everyone can enjoy! The ball used for the game may seem quite simple, but it may be a little difficult to learn to draw a soccer ball.

It is what we will cover in this tutorial because we will show you how you can draw this famous ball in a fun and easy way! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing and coconut drawing.

Drawing Cartoon Football

Step 1:

We will start this cartoon football design by designing a simple circular shape that will serve as a contour for this ball.

There are some ways to follow this circle. The simplest way is far from using a drawing compass. It is a tool that makes drawing a perfect circle very simple.

If you do not have a compass by hand, you can use a pencil to draw the smoother circle possible and then pass it with a pen. We only draw the start of the circle in this first step, but we will end at the next stage of the guide!

Step 2:

This second step in our guide on drawing a cartoon ball will focus on finishing the ball’s circular contour. There is only a small space to fill, so it must be a simple step to finish!

To do this, continue the line you started in the first step using the method you chose to draw the circle to finish the space. When the plan is over, we can add some details to the next steps and then continue.

Step 3:

Traditional soccer balls are usually white with black spots, and although they may come in many variants, this is how we will draw this particular soccer ball.

It can be surprisingly delicate; Therefore, to make things easier, we will start with the shapes outside the ball. Each of these forms will have five sides, but due to the curvature of the ball, we will not see all sides of these first patches.

There will be five around the outline’s interior perimeter, and you can consult the reference image to see how they should be positioned. Color in each solid black so we can continue!

Step 4:

There are also many white spots among the black spots, and we will start drawing for your cartoon football drawing. To do this, we will extend each point’s lines with black shapes.

There will be a line extracted from each visible patch point, and you should try again if you refer close to the reference image when you draw them.

There is a very specific model that these lines will be designed, but the example of the image will make it much easier! Then we can move to certain details and final keys in the next step of the guide.

Step 5:

How to draw a cartoon football

This stage of our guide on drawing a cartoon ball will show that you have finished the final details of the ball. To do this, we will add another black patch to the center of the ball. This patch will give us more about these black patches we still had and will show us the five edges.

The last black patch will enter the space left by the lines you designed in the previous step and, once added. We can end with some details!

There are many ways to go even further in this drawing. One idea would be to draw a background, which would be a fun way to make it even cooler!

Step 6:

How to draw a cartoon football

It’s time to finish this drawing with some colors! As we mentioned earlier in the guide, soccer balls are not known to be in bright colors. Nevertheless, they can always come in bright and vibrant colors, but we will follow the traditional occasion for our example.

This ball uses light and beige colors to give beautiful shadows. You can use an approach similar to your drawing, but, as we mentioned, you can also use the brightest colors for yours!

It depends entirely on you, as well as the artistic tools and the means you use. Are you going to make paintings or maybe colored pens and pencils? We can barely wait to see what you are going!

Do this to pass your cartoon football drawing to the next level

Find out how you can make this cartoon ball sketch even better with these fun tips! This cartoon football drawing shows a bullet that is in a very pristine state. Anyone who has had a beloved soccer ball can show a lot of wear over time.

You can customize this cartoon balloon by showing some of these texture details to make it better used. You will usually see this degradation in the ball seams, so it’s a good starting point.

How can you make this ball better used? Another way to customize this cartoon balloon would be to add other small details. For example, you can add a logo to the balloon.

This logo can come from a sports team you like or maybe a company that makes soccer balls. You can also add exclusive drawings to the football to customize it more. Can you think of other details you can add to the ball?

So we thought you could add a character to this cartoon balloon to make it even better! Doing so shows that this ball is in the middle of a game or perhaps being used for a fun practice.

You can even show the character’s leg when they enter a kick. For this character, you can use someone you know or maybe base it on your favorite professional player.

Finally, you can finish your cartoon football sketch with a background. There are some ideas that you can use for a background parameter.

On the one hand, you can keep the scale slightly smaller and show this ball used in a small backyard. Or you can make it bigger and show it in a field. If you want to do everything, you can draw a huge stadium full of fans.

Your cartoon football drawing is complete!

It does this in the 6 stages of this guide on how to draw a cartoon soccer ball, and we hope you have fun playing this emblematic ball! There are some delicate aspects when you draw this ball, but these steps show how easier it can be when you know what to do.

You can now show your creativity by adding additional details, colors, and fun elements to your image. How do you think this excellent cartoon soccer ball will end?

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