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How To Study & Pass the PMP Certification Exam Fast?

by Uneeb Khan

Every candidate hopes to pass the PMP certification exam on their first try, but statistics show that 2 out of every 5 applicants fail the exam on their first try. There is no denying the difficulty of earning a PMP certificate, particularly when it comes to initially passing the test. Although difficult, passing on your first try is not impossible. There are recurring patterns in the reasons why most people fail, as can be seen. For instance, the majority of them claim to be outdated or to not have cheated on exams. 

One of the most well-known certificates given to professionals for their professional development is the PMP, or project management professional, certification exam. Getting a certification will give your career a new dimension and is the most well-known certificate in the labor industry. It offers you high-paying jobs in a variety of international industries.

Here is a Study Guide and Some Pointers to Help You Pass the PMP Exam On Your First Try:

Understand the PMBOK Guide

The Project Management Body Information Guide (PMBOK Guide) is published by PMI. One of the most essential components of passing the PMP exam is proficiency with the PMBOK guide. Although there are many books available, nothing compares to the official guide. I don’t see many questions from the manual, you might reply. True, it makes you feel good about yourself, but that does not guarantee that you won’t pass the test.

The lengthy and tedious nature of the guide is the bad news. Therefore, the majority of people favor less visually appealing markets. If you come across a lot of people lamenting the fact that they failed the test despite numerous attempts, they might not have followed the PMBOK manual exactly.

Have a Schedule

The curriculum acts as a preparation road map. Before starting to study, you must clearly state your objectives and make a plan for how to get there. Let’s face it, most of us find testing to be very challenging. It is simple to get lost while preparing without knowing where you are going if there is no clear local road.

When creating your plan, you must consider several important factors, the most crucial of which is time. How long do you have to get ready? How many hours a day can you put yourself to the test?

However, keep in mind that having a plan in place does not ensure that you will succeed on the test. It would be best if you also adhere to it since it can be challenging for people. Therefore, if you want to stand out from the crowd and easily pass your PMP certification exam on your first attempt, make sure to set a good study plan and adhere to it.

View a Different Study Guide

Studying the PMBOK guide is necessary, but it is insufficient to pass the PMP certification test. The PMBOK is not in charge of testing, which is the reason. After the procedures, the guide offers theory or facts. It does not, however, explain how these procedures combine and function in actual life.

You’ll notice that the majority of test questions focus on the situation after taking a quick look at the PMP questions. As a result, reading the PMBOK guide alone will help you develop your project management foundations but it won’t help you pass the exam.

Additionally, there are a lot of unresolved issues in the PMBOK manual that comes up frequently in the PMP trial. You must therefore select a second book that addresses these subjects.

Complete Several Practice Exercises

The majority of PMP exam sample questions are situational. The ability to apply a theory in situations does not, therefore, follow from reading about it.

Additionally, you will discover that problems fall into distinct categories as you answer different questions. Some inquiries are brief and direct, while others are longer. There are inquiries based on the formula and others based on the circumstances. You’ve been asked ITTO questions about project management tools and methods.

So how is it beneficial to answer practice questions? It will assist you in recognizing the various questions you study for and the various skills you must develop to meet them. You should keep in mind the approach to solving the problem the moment you read it on test day.

The market is full of resources for familiarity tests. Before selecting a source, be sure to do your research on the validity of the data and the reputation of the provider.

Make Practice Exams

You will fail if you only approach the PMP certification exam as knowledge-based exam. Yes, because the questions are challenging and the syllabus is excellent. Do not undervalue your ability to sit for 4 hours and then simultaneously respond to 200 questions of varying degrees of difficulty.

To enter the mental state necessary to perform well during those four hours, you must write comedic tests. Additionally, practice exams assist you in tracking your development and refining your test-taking strategy.

Can I finish a test in four hours? Do I take longer to respond to inquiries? What types of queries do I struggle with? Are my senses too much for me? Do I seem to be getting worse as the trial goes on? Can I recall the ideas I’ve learned? Am I overlooking any information that results in minor errors? These inquiries are all significant. Additionally, you can only respond to this by creating simulated tests.

You can be certain that you will pass the actual test if you discover that you consistently get more than 80% in your laughter. As a way to reciprocate your plan for prominence on test day, use humorous tests.

The 35 Hours of Project Management Training to its Fullest Potential!

The PMI training program requires 35 hours of formal project management education before you can apply for an exam. The majority of people believe that they must perform the task. Treat it as a learning opportunity that might help them pass the PMP certification exam instead. These 35 hours ought to be used to lay a strong foundation for tried and true concepts. Contact hours can assist you in identifying your weaknesses.

Make sure the training you select is provided by a Registered Education Provider (REP), as these instructors have been evaluated and approved by the PMI. As a result, you do not need to be concerned about the content’s value or quality.


The PMP certification exam is challenging and demands a lot of commitment on your part. You can now start preparing with the guidance you received from the PMP training. In other words, treating a test like a project will help you pass it the first time around. Make a clear statement of your intentions or goals as a first step. 

Next, finish using the resources you selected (study materials, institutions, comics, etc.). Separate the tasks on the syllabus into the allotted time for completion. As you humorously assess your performance, track your progress, and make adjustments to your strategy.

Lastly, the best way to study for the PMP exam includes attending the PMP boot camps from Eduhubspot where the mentors will guide you with your preparation and you will get impressive courses that will increase your chances to pass the exam.

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