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Important Guideline to Claim on Anti-malware Refund

by Uneeb Khan

Anti-malware apps are not just applications but a need for every device today. These apps help the users to run their devices securely. ivermectin for gouldian finches You can get both freeware and paid antivirus plans for your devices. But free antivirus programs only provide the basic security tools. For securing your device from other threats, you need advanced security features. Those features are only available on paid versions. There are lots of premium antivirus plans available. You can select the antivirus depending on your system’s specifications and security requirements. For using the paid antivirus plans, you have to purchase a subscription. With the subscription, you can activate the premium tools of antivirus and then use them on your device. 

Cancelling anti-malware subscription 

If the antivirus is unable to fulfil the expectations of the users then he can cancel it. After cancelling, he can claim the refund. This issue can also occur when the user has purchased an incompatible setup. Anti-malware plans are available for all types of devices. But every antivirus plan has different resource requirements. You can’t use an antivirus plan for Windows on Mac. If you have purchased the wrong subscription then you can cancel it and then get the required one. 

How to get a refund on McAfee subscription?

You can get a refund on your antivirus if you request it within 60 days. But you have to check your plan as some of the plans may have different refund policies. ivermectina para perros precio argentina If you are not satisfied with the plan or you have purchased the wrong subscription then cancel the subscription to get a refund. You can cancel the subscription from the website directly. 

  1. Open a browser and search for the McAfee website
  2. Click on the Login button
  3. You have to enter the credentials
  4. Tap on the Login button and your profile page will appear
  5. Choose Subscription button
  6. Your antivirus plans will appear
  7. Select the subscribed plan
  8. Hit on the Cancel button
  9. While cancelling, you will get a refund wizard

Select the refund option and tap on the Cancel button. Wait until the confirmation wizard appears. After cancellation, the user can’t run any of the premium tools of antivirus. Again, go to the subscription page and check the plan. You will see Expired status next to the antivirus plan. Check your registered email address for a refund email. You will get a mail regarding your antivirus refund. After getting a refund, you can purchase a required antivirus plan for your device. 

Cancel the auto-renewed plan and get your refund

Lots of antiviruses offer auto-renewal services. When the antivirus expires, the device becomes vulnerable to threats. To protect the device from threats, many security applications offer auto-renewal features. This feature renews the antivirus before the expiry to assure that your device is always secured. Auto-renewal feature is not available on all plans. Many times, the user doesn’t want to use the application but it gets auto-renewed. If you are not using that application anymore then you should cancel the auto-renewal. If you cancel it within a few days then you will get a refund.

  1. Go to the website and login into your account
  2. Choose the Subscription page
  3. Check your auto-renewed plan
  4. Tap on the Cancel button

Select the refund option and now the auto-renewed plan will get cancelled. After cancelling, the user can’t use the auto-renewed plan and now his plan won’t be renewed automatically.

Cancel subscription to prevent auto-renewal

If your plan is under auto-renewal but you are not willing to renew the plan then cancel it. You can cancel the subscription to your antivirus anytime. If you cancel the subscription within 60 days of activation; you can get a refund. After 60 days, you can cancel the plan but you won’t get a refund. After cancelling, your antivirus will not renew automatically. Some users don’t cancel the subscription as they think that the plan will expire immediately. No, your antivirus plan will expire on the provided date. 

  1. Open the dashboard of your antivirus
  2. Hit on the Subscription page
  3. Choose the antivirus plan
  4. Select Cancel button
  5. Again, go to the Subscription page
  6. You will see the expiry date

The user can run the paid tools of his antivirus until the given date. After expiry, your antivirus plan won’t renew. Now you can remove the antivirus from the device or can renew it manually. 

Use free trial before purchasing an antivirus

If you are not sure about the antivirus tools then you can choose the free trial. Most antivirus companies offer free-trial on their paid plans. You can run the premium tools for about 30 days without paying anything. In some plans, you have to enter the billing details while activating the free trial. Now you can use the plan for a month without paying.

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If you don’t cancel the plan, the payment will occur automatically after a month and now you can use the plan for a year. Some plans offer free-trial without entering any banking details. You can sign-up for the account and then use the free trial plans. Now you can use the advanced antivirus plans for a month. After a month, if you like the antivirus then purchase the subscription. If you don’t like the plan, you don’t have to do anything as the plan will expire automatically. Using the free trial helps the user to check all the premium plans of the antivirus before making the actual payment. 

Renew your antivirus plan manually

After getting your refund, your antivirus plan won’t work. Now whenever you need the antivirus again, you can renew it. Hence the auto-renewal is disabled, you have to renew your antivirus manually. You don’t have to sign-up for a new account. You can use the same account and then directly renew your antivirus. Open your antivirus account and go to the subscription page. Choose the antivirus plan you want to renew. You will see a Renew button next to the Expired status. Hit on the Renew button and make the payment. Now your antivirus plan will get renewed and you can use the antivirus easily. Also, check for the auto-renewal service. ivermectin for canine ear mites Disable the auto-renewal and use the antivirus till the expiry date.

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