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Effective Steps To Fix Instagram If It’s Not Working Properly

by Uneeb Khan
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Instagram is among the top five social networking sites with more than a billion users as it focuses on visual expressions rather than sending texts. Unlike other social media apps, it involves sharing a lot of photos and videos instead of text messages to your friends. You need to just take a snap on the phone and share it with your friends.  

Some while it becomes quite frustrating when you face Instagram not working issue. 

Not to be worried, there are some proven troubleshooting methods, and we have come up with some tips to fix the issue.

Before moving to the troubleshooting ways we need to know Why is Instagram Not Working?

So, let’s proceed to know the reason behind the Instagram not working issue.

Why is Instagram Not Working?

There may be several reasons behind this issue. Here we have sorted out some basic causes of the issue

  • An outdated Instagram app may be the main cause of this issue.
  • Maybe you have lost your mobile data’
  • Enabling the power-saving mode may interrupt the working of Instagram 
  • More unwanted caches may be the cause 
  • Is Instagram down? That may be behind Instagram not working issue.

How To Fix Instagram Not working issue?

So, let’s proceed with the steps to resolve the Instagram not working issue.

  1. Close and reopen the Instagram app

Start with relaunching the app, first close the Instagram app from your device and relaunch it the smaller bugs may be resolved by doing this.

  1. Check your Internet connection

Next, you need to check whether your internet connection is working properly or not. An interrupted internet connection may cause Instagram not working issue.

  1. Try the Instagram web version 

Sometimes the phone you are using does not support the opening of the Instagram app, in this situation, open any web browser on your computer and try to login into Instagram. Maybe you are able to open the Instagram web version which means the problem is in your phone.

  1. Restart your Phone

If you are unable to open your Instagram App, restart your phone as the minor bugs in your phone may get resolved by restarting the phone.

  1. Delete all the caches

You may not be able to open the Instagram app because of the numerous junk data accumulated on the site that may hinder the opening of Instagram. Hence, you need to delete all the junk from your device. Instagram starts working.

Here we have discussed five effective ways to fix the “why Instagram not working” issue. If you want to know more efficient ways to resolve the issue just visit the site onlinehubb.com, and you will get appropriate information about this.

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