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Myths and tips about using mirror glasses at home

by Uneeb Khan

Mirror glasses are one of the best things that you can use at your home as decor items. The use of mirrors as decor items is very popular in places like Delhi. Mirror glasses in Delhi are best manufactured by the top glass manufacturer in Delhi named Satkartar Glass Solutions. They have been in the industry as the best glass manufacturer in Delhi for decades now and have never been disappointed in terms of their parody and services even for once. As the pioneer glass manufacturer in Delhi, they have everything covered in terms of glass solutions from sandwich glass to mirrors. In this article, we will see some interesting facts about mirrors.

Well, right from the ancient Mughals till the century when we have buildings like Burj Khalifa, mirror blaze has never left our sides. Nowadays, especially mirrors have taken over the glass industry. They are one of the most fabulous modern decor widely used nowadays. Mirrors have replaced almost every aspect of modern decor. They are everything from classy, sleek and versatile. Mirrors as a decor element are very much capable of sprucing up your indoors to give you an extremely aesthetic visual look that you would certainly fall in love with.

For example, you can use. A large mirror and create an area of a focal point in your living space, or else you can combine some small mirrors and add creative depth to your space. So, overall mirrors are the most simple, easy and affordable ways to do your space. However, the main problem here is that not many people know about the actual benefits of the mirrors, as there are too many myths doing rounds around the use of mirrors. Let’s bust them together in this article. In this article, we will be discussing the myths and the actual truth behind them.

Myths about glass mirrors:-

Below mentioned are some of the most popular myths about glass mirrors:-

Mirrors break very easily:-

Yes, they used to but that situation existed decades back and now it has just been reduced to a myth. The mirrors built today are extremely strong and durable and therefore last much longer, in comparison to the mirrors that were manufactured decades ago. This is due to the new technologies that we use today. Not to be forgotten, the quality of the mirror glass is still largely dependent on the way it has been curated, and how you maintain it after the purchase. The best part is that mirroring does not need too much care. You just need to wipe the surface of the mirror once in a few days with a cleaning solution and you are good to go with your mirror.

Mirror glass rusts too soon:-

Mirrors with the coating of copper are only too quick to rust over time. This is mainly because when copper comes in contact with moisture, it oxidises and wears away. Therefore, as a result, a brown tarnish develops on the surface of the mirror. Now, if you use mirror glass with protective coatings, you can avoid such kinds of problems with your mirrors.

Mirrors are inauspicious:-

This is the most widely spoken myth about mirrors. This myth talks about how mirrors are responsible for bringing in negativity in the house, especially if you are using cracked or broken mirrors. But, if you go back and research the history of the mirrors, then you will see that this myth was only introduced by the Romans to ensure that people take good care of their mirrors, as mirrors during that time were very expensive. In addition to this, the Indian science of architecture imparts huge importance to the use of mirrors at home. For example, if you place mirror glass strategically it will draw a lot of positivity and better health for you and your place. Therefore, try to use either square-shaped or rectangular mirrors.

Mirrors lack flexibility:-

That’s not true at all. The problem here is that very few people know how to use mirrors as decor items to redo the space. So, what best you can do to explore the flexibility of the mirrors is you can play with different shapes and sizes to identify which one suits your taste better. طاولة 31 Mirrors go well with every kind of look from minimalistic to contemporary and whatnot. So, all you need is to just climb a step further and check what latest trends are going on in the market for your kind of mirror decor.


Mirrors are one of the best pieces of art to do your place economically. You can use them for many years provided you take the right care of them. Also, if bored with the old decor pattern you can simply play with their shapes and sizes and recreate a new visual appearance for your space.

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