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Protect Your Kids With a Parental Control App For iPhone

by Yasir Asif
parental control apps available for iPhone

As America’s youth spend more time on their phones, many parents are worried about their safety and are looking for ways to keep them safe. One way to do this is with parental control apps.

These apps let you set time limits for your kids’ screen time, monitor their activity and track their location. Most also allow you to block content.

Screen Time

Screen Time is an Apple-designed app that helps you monitor your child’s device usage. It offers a detailed report on how they use their devices and allows you to set time limits for specific apps.

It also gives you the option to schedule downtime so your children can get some quality rest. Screen Time also lets you set a password so that only you can change the settings.

The best parental control app for iPhone depends on your family’s needs. But Screen Time is one of the best options for most families with its comprehensive approach to managing screen time, app usage, and content filtering.

Screen Time also offers features like an entertainment app limiter, time bank, and steps4time to encourage positive digital habits. It also blocks adult content and red-flag websites, so you can keep your kids safe online.


Spyx is one of the most powerful parental control apps available for iPhone devices. It allows you to set screen time limits, block inappropriate content, and more.

Spyx also helps you monitor social media use and track device location. Its internet filter identifies and blocks harmful or inappropriate websites, while its safe search features enforce strict rules on all browsers and search engines.

You can customize the app’s web filter by age or category, and add exceptions if you want to make sure that your child isn’t navigating to unsafe sites. Additionally, Spyx’s live location tracking connects with your child’s phone’s GPS for accurate tracking.

In addition to its many features, Spyx also lets you set a daily screen time limit or create recurring weekly schedules. This makes it easy to manage your child’s devices, especially if you need to set different restrictions during school hours and family time.

Parental Controls

Parental control apps are a great way to help kids develop healthy online habits and make sure they’re safe from harmful content. These apps are designed to protect kids from inappropriate content, keep track of their activities and monitor their location.

Apple’s Screen Time app has a number of basic controls and can be used on all iOS devices (see how to use it). However, Google Family Link is a much better choice for more comprehensive control.

It offers a wide range of features, including web filtering, geofencing, call and text monitoring and contact blocking. It’s a little expensive, though, and doesn’t offer a fully-iOS-compatible feature list.

The best parental control apps will have a complete suite of features, with a fully-iOS-compatible feature set. Qustodio, Net Nanny and Mobicip are great options.

GPS Tracker

The increasing number of cases of missing children and kidnappings around the world is a concern for every parent. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of your child’s location and all-day activity in order to ensure their safety.

In order to do this, you can use a parental control app for iphone. These apps are designed to help you keep track of your child’s activities and keep them safe from harm.

Moreover, they allow you to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls on their phones, including deleted calls. You can also view all social media activities, including photos and videos.

FamiSafe is one of the best iPhone parental control apps that you can use to check your children’s phone and tablet usage. It also comes with a lot of other features, such as app blocking and time restrictions.

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