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Publish passport

If you have any story about traveling or educational content then you would obviously want to share so now feel easy to send it for publishing. A lot of resources and also stories you will see here are added by the community of Publish Passport. It also shares anecdotes and tips from changing voices to help to remain this Frayed Passport very educational, fun, and interesting.

The Gmail address of this passport is [email protected] with a draft or any topic pitch and also for any problems have about the published process on publishing passport.

The main standards for publishing:

The things that are to be use in the submission should be original and contain almost over 800 words and each cannot be develop in nature. You have to bring the rights to any social media also must include a link along to your source plus the license to utilize this process. The contents should be as in family, and secure in work and ever come across to the publish passport at the quality standards of editorial. The submit articles can be edit for grammar and formatting or if the edits of submitting are necessary. Then an email for verification has sent in the final version prior to publication.

The information and link about contact can also be exclude from your website in your data.

The main thing about this passport is that all the external links are mark as “no follow” besides from longtime partners and special resources of the educational system. The articles for self-promotional and its promoting, a customer will be detect, because you are one any pay advertiser. If you would want to advertise with Publish passport please visit and contact this website.

The process to submit an article:

We obviously spent the time and energy with great value to read an article and how we have to be appreciative due to this investment and hardworking. You can hope that after you’re submitting an article, the process is following:

  • Regarding the article, a reply with any questions will be sent to you within 7 days of submitting process.
  • If wanted for publishing you can hope your content to be publish within 1 to 3 weeks after acceptance of the latest version.
  • The acquirements that we believe are from article mills or are mostly development will not achieve a response. We also will not report link insertion requests to accept you are the real author of an existing published content on Publish passport that you would want.

The instructions to format the data:

The information that should be include with the submission is the following:


The title must be contain in a maximum of 70 characters.


The snippet gives a big level of overview to the article and must be over to about 160 characters.

Article text and paragraph:

The introduction of the paragraph where you capture the interest of the readers. To be sure they know what the focus on the topic is and it is important from which reason as like as the main thing of your article. The main steps are the following:

  • Total words
  • Subheadings:
  • Referencing method:
  • Hyperlinks:

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