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Qualities That Will Make You A Great Aged Care Provider

by Uneeb Khan

Caring for other people can be a noble profession, but it can be hard sometimes. Many people are becoming service providers and support workers because they think it is a gratifying job, but not everyone can be a support worker. This profession requires many skills and qualities from people, and if you want to become an aged care provider, you must know what are the qualities that are needed for this profession.


One of the biggest qualities that aged care providers must possess is empathy. Getting old and weak can be different for people. Some might not have that much difficulty in changing their lifestyle, while others might find it painful not to be able to perform the tasks they were able to do before. It is understandable to feel this way, as the feeling of helplessness can be overwhelming. In these cases, the aged care providers have to be empathetic with them. Understand their situation and help them overcome this. 


Caring for elders can be exhausting sometimes as they might do things slowly or they can be forgetful. It is their age that has made them slow and careful, and aged care providers must not get irritated by their slow progress. As a care provider, you must stay patient and wait for them to complete their tasks or even in conversations. If you lack patience, this profession cannot work for you as it requires more of it than any other profession.


As people get older, it is common to feel less important and relevant to them. As their care provider, it is your job to make them feel important and valued. Don’t think of them as your clients but as someone who has a lot of life experience and can do everything on their own. You can have conversations with them to learn about their life and get to know them better. Be respectful of their experiences, and just don’t deem them as someone who needs your help to get on with life.


Many elder people face depression and low moods in their daily lives, and having a cheerful person around can help them stay fresh and friendly. As an aged care provider, you should be a sunny person who brings light whenever they walk in. It is your job to keep your clients healthy and happy, and depression can harm their health in many ways. Talk to them, engage in activities, and try to keep them entertained, so it keeps depressing thoughts away from them for the time being.


Good observation is another essential skill for this profession. Your participants might not share everything with you, or they might not be aware of their condition themselves. You should be a keen observer to notice the changes in their behaviour or symptoms. Changes in weight, appetite and body language can indicate underlying problems, and as their aged care provider, you should be able to identify them.


People caring for elders are often responsible for bathing, showering, period care, wound dressing, etc. A professional aged care provider should be able to handle the sight of body fluids and other functions easily without making the other person feel embarrassed or ashamed of themselves.


You might be thinking that it is obvious but showing care and being caring are two different things. An excellent aged care provider must actually care for the participants. You can show care even when you don’t, but it won’t last for too long because it can be a tiring job. You can only become successful in this field if you genuinely care for your clients and don’t just take it as a part of your work.

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