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What Documents Are Needed From a Salaried Person Applying For a Home Loan?

by Uneeb Khan

It’s every individual’s dream to own a home and have a secure future. Imagine designing your living space, choosing the perfect curtains, and seeing your family make memories there. But, the journey to achieving this dream generally starts with getting a home loan.

We understand the frustration of digging through scattered information, the anxiety of wondering if you have all the necessary documentation, and the confusion over which paper serves what purpose.

This article will help you understand the documents required for home loans for salaried persons.

Essential Documents for a Salaried Individual

When applying for a loan for a house, the bank or financial institution will need to verify your identity, your income stability, and the authenticity of the property you wish to buy. Salaried individuals’ requirements can be slightly different than those who are self-employed.

a) Identity Proof:

Passport: An internationally recognised identification that guarantees your citizenship and origin.

Aadhaar Card: India’s universal identity card detailing your biometrics.

PAN Card: Essential for tax-related documentation.

Voter’s ID: Another layer of identification beneficial for the lender to verify your address.

b) Income Documents:

Salary Slips: Your last three months’ salary slips can clearly show your current income.

Form 16: Issued by your employer, it validates the tax deducted at source.

Bank Statements: A detailed record of your financial transactions over the last six months. It shows your financial health and assures the lender of your repayment capability.

Agreement to Sell: It’s a legal document mentioning the agreed-upon selling price of the property between the buyer and seller.

NOC: No Objection Certificate from the housing society indicates no objection to transferring the property’s shares to your name.

Occupancy Certificate: An essential document ensuring the property is ready for occupation.

d) Additional Documents:

Job Continuity Proof: A document or letter from your employer stating the length of your service. It helps in verifying the stability of your employment.

Credit Score Report: While a score of 700 is the minimum required for consideration, the higher your CIBIL score, the more favourable terms you may receive. But remember, having a good CIBIL score does not guarantee anything.

Proof of Additional Income: If you have any supplementary income, it can strengthen your loan application. It can be rental income, dividends, or even interest from deposits.

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Is the Verification Process Strict?

Securing a loan for a house can be tricky if you are not clear with the requirements. The lender needs to ensure that their investment is safe. By verifying all these documents, the financial institution is doing its due diligence to ensure that you can repay the loan without defaulting.

Risk Mitigation: The lender needs to ensure your financial stability.

Legitimacy: Ensuring that the property you invest in is legitimate and free from legal issues.

Trust Building: The more transparent and complete your documentation, the stronger the trust between you and the lender.


Being well-prepared is half the battle won. By ensuring you have all the documents required for a home loan for a salaried person in place, you can significantly smooth out the home loan application process. While it may seem confusing

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