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Skills a Child Psychologists Must Possess

by Uneeb Khan
Child Psychologists

What would you do knowing your children are sick or having pain in some parts of their body? Obviously, you will immediately take them to highly experienced and qualified doctors so that they can get proper treatment. The same must be done when your kids are suffering from some sort of mental health disorder. The easiest way to find out if your children have been dealing with a mental issue is to check for symptoms. These are:

  • Sleeplessness or oversleep 
  • Reduced social activities 
  • Staying at home for the most part of the day 
  • Reduced physical activities 
  • Almost no friends 
  • Having some prolonged physical disorders 
  • Changed behaviors 
  • No learning in school or at home

If you see any of the aforementioned signs in your kids, the best thing you can do is to take them to a children psychologist in Dubai. However, in Dubai, there are plenty of child psychiatrists and psychologists. You cannot just take your kids to any one of them. You need to find the best one among them.

Top Skills a Child Psychologist Must Have

Though you can opt for recommendations or references, the best way to find good psychologists is to check their skills.

The following are the main skills that must be present in a children’s psychologist:

Deep Analysis 

They must have deep analyzing skills. Mental health disorders can be diagnosed on the basis of analyzing the abilities of therapists. Therefore, you must always opt for therapists who have good analyzing skills. Such psychologists can analyze the reasons behind the mental health issues in your kids.

Furthermore, they can easily suggest the changes you need to make to avoid mental sickness in your kids. Their analyzing skills help them to understand what makes children undergo anxiety or depression. And most importantly, this analysis is required to begin the treatment.


It is one of the most important characteristics that must be present in child psychologists. Kids are very innocent and sometimes they don’t realize what they are doing. Similarly, some kids may show abrupt behaviors as well during the treatment. Therefore, you must always opt for psychiatrists who can deal with such behaviors.

They must be flexible and able to tolerate the abrupt behavior of kids. They should also know how to calm kids and get answers from them. All these things can be possible only if therapists possess resilience.


Communication is the basis of psychological therapies. No therapist can become good without good communication skills. They have to deal with several issues of patients through communication. Without it, they may even fail to find out the reason behind any mental health disorder. This skill matters the most when it comes to specialist child psychologists. 

They have to communicate with kids who have young minds and sometimes refuse to answer any query. Only those therapists who have good verbal communication can handle children and help them get rid of mental sickness.


You cannot sit in a room and recover from the mental disorders of your children. Therapists usually have sessions with patients in their office or a specific room. However, this technique is not going to work for the treatment of anxiety, or depression in children. Psychiatrists have to involve children in different activities to communicate with them, get answers from them, and figure out the nature of their mental problems.

Therefore you need to find a children psychologist who can involve your kids in different activities. Playfulness is one of the key factors to deal with kids. So you cannot neglect it when looking for a physiatrist for your kids.

Active Listener 

Therapists must be excellent listeners. Children are talkative but only when they get open with someone. So, therapists must be good listeners. They should not say anything that their patients don’t like. They must appreciate children when they tend to learn new things and improve their behavior. Therapists must also have compassion. They should be able to show their support to kids.

Final Thoughts 

You must be thinking about where you can find a therapist with all these skills. Don’t worry! Simply visit Camali Clinic Dubai. Many highly qualified psychiatrists are present there who possess all these skills. They can help in better recovery of your kid’s mental health.

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