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Some SEO Resources that Can Help in Boosting Your SEO

by Uneeb Khan

SEO has taken the world by storm, and so has the Internet! Many people wonder how they can boost their SEO to perform better in search results! There is massive visitor competition, and your website must be equally great if you want to succeed. If anyone is not visiting your site, it means they are exploring the content of your contemporaries. You should also learn how to increase SEO on Google if you wish to remain competitive in the race.

When will you be able to notice a difference in Google Ranking?

All the changes you make to improve your Google rankings will not happen overnight. The changes you make right now will begin to impact your visibility the moment Google crawler scans your content. You need significant patience and vigilance to get the expected results. Some SEO tools you can take help of for organically growing your audience and engagement rates for scaling up your business.

Following are some of the tools which help you boost your SEO-

1. Google Webmasters Central Blog

This tool offers news, resources and insights to help webmasters optimize their sites. Their blog encompasses a variety of topics. It also has updates to Google’s browsers, coding tips and invitations to web seminars and events.

2. Google’s an SEO Starter Guide

Google is the search engine that completely dominates search engine users, with over 91% of all the searchers using it. It is essential to listen to what Google says about how to ensure good search rankings. It is necessary to adhere to Google’s guidelines mentioned in this starter guide.

3. Semrush

This is one of the leading tools in the industry, and it is an SEO backlink checker. It is a competitor research tool. You get some insights when you enter a domain name in this tool. Some of the insights are as follows-

  • The keywords and phrases it currently ranks for.
  • A list of backlinks that are pointing to it.
  • Competing domains. 
  • The total amount of estimated traffic to that domain.

            A free version of this tool is available, and it is limited in terms of the paid version. However, the tool lets you see at a glance how authoritative a particular domain or page is. This helps you determine whether the site is worth approaching for backlinks.

Semrush helps you boost your SEO in the below ways-

  • Identify your competitors

One critical aspect of SEO is identifying the competitors in your niche. Semrush is the tool that helps you map your competitors. It provides the most accurate data on your competitors to chalk your strategy accordingly. 

  • Identify the top content of your competitors

This tool helps you analyze the top-ranking content of your competitors. This tool will further estimate the total organic traffic, the traffic percentage, additional data and paid keywords. You should ensure that these keywords or their variations are a part of your on-page SEO.

  • Identify your top-ranking keywords

Organic traffic is the key driver of traffic that comes to your website, and it is the feature that allows you to review the top-ranking organic keywords for your site. It also helps you determine whether your SEO strategy is working or not.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast is a free plugin that evaluates your page’s content from the perspective of SEO. Yoast traffic light system tells you immediately if your content is SEO-friendly. If your content is not SEO-friendly, you will get a complete list of suggestions for improving the content. The plugin will help you improve the readability of your content. It provides detailed feedback that you can easily incorporate into your writing style. The Yoast SEO plugin also improves your technical SEO by taking care of many technical things in the background. 

This SEO comes with a lot of features for optimizing your website. It has built-in content analysis, Meta keywords, XML sitemaps, rich snippets and many more. Many people use SEO Adelaide as it is a search query used by various businesses and individuals in Adelaide looking to connect with Search engine optimization agencies in South Australia. 

Even if you are not a WordPress or a Shopify user, you can still make use of this resource by visiting the real-time content Analysis section of the Yoast website. It also allows you to enter the HTML for one of your web pages with a focus keyword. It will also check how good your on-page SEO is.

5. Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO

One of the leading websites about SEO is Moz. It is the website that provides a range of free and paid SEO tools as well as resources about the topic. One such resource is the Beginner’s guide to SEO. This is a comprehensive seven-chapter guide on how to optimize your site for search and measure search visibility.

This tool is primarily for the ones who are new to the whole area of SEO.

The foundation of a good SEO begins with ensuring crawl accessibility, and it then moves up from there. 

6. Google Search Console

This is a completely free service from Google that helps one immensely monitor and troubleshoot the appearance of the website in their search results. One can also use it to find and fix technical errors, see backlinks, and submit the sitemaps. 

This tool boosts the SEO in the following way-

  • Improve rankings for the underperforming keywords

There are keywords which don’t rank in positions one or two. These keywords are called underperforming keywords. These keywords are underperforming as most people click one of the first two results. If you rank in the lower positions, you miss out on tons of traffic! This tool also helps you improve the ranking of such underperforming keywords.

  • Optimize pages with high keyword rankings but low CTR

Some pages on the internet will perform better than others, and that is a fact. It is important to find the pages that perform the pages which perform worse than the average. We should also analyze why that’s the case and always brainstorm ways to boost their CTR to get more traffic. 

  • Fix sitemap issues

If you encounter issues with your sitemaps that you submitted to Google, it might cause a problem and confuse the crawlers. It leads to wasted time and resources on their end. It could also cause me to index the wrong URLs in some cases.

To check such issues with the submitted sitemaps, you should head to the sitemaps report and then click on the icon next to the sitemap, and then click on the ‘See index coverage’ button.

7. Pingdom

Pingdom is a speed test tool that is used for optimizing the performance of your site. This speed test tool is very easy to understand. You should just plug in your page’s URL and you will get instant results. This tool helps you calculate the load time of your website. 

Following are the two ways to consider your website as loaded-

  • Onload time 

It is the phenomenon where the processing of the page is completed and all the resources have loaded. This does not include some events such as Javascript that are important to your page.

  • Fully loaded time

It is the time when the page has completely stopped loading content. It will be slower than the onload time. 

Your site’s ‘load time’ will be faster in Pingdom than it is in other tools that use fully loaded time. 

Besides this, Pingdom also gives your site a ‘performance grade’. Performance grade gives you a quick insight into how optimized your site’s front-end performance is. 

8. Screaming Frog

This tool crawls your website’s URL and it also analyzes your on-site SEO. One is also able to download it for free. You can purchase a license for additional advanced features. Following are some of the things you can do with the free version of Screaming Frog-

  • Identify all the broken links.
  • Identify the errors and redirects.
  • Analyze the page titles.
  • Review Meta Robots and directives.
  • Generate XML Sitemaps.

Broken links are very bad for two important reasons. They are the ones that create a poor user experience and leave all the visitors that come to your site frustrated. They leave as they are unable to find the pages they are looking for. Secondly, they don’t make the website attractive to search engines like Google. Screaming frog is a tool that crawls a website, and it will also return a report of all the server errors and 404s along with the full details of the URLs that link to them.


These are resources that can help you in boosting your SEO in the most efficient way. Try the above-mentioned things and you will be amazed by the results.

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