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Sustainable Packaging Materials For Eco-Friendly Revolution In Business

by Uneeb Khan

Today in this era when environmental consciousness is growing like a rapid fire, business, particularly eCommerce business is reaching its peak all across the globe. This means it demands more packaging materials. Now you must be wondering that if people are going to use more packaging products, then there is going to be an increase in garbage waste and carbon footprint which may further degrade the environment. Well, this can happen only when we are using packaging products which are not eco-friendly at all. As already mentioned, environmental consciousness is growing rapidly all across the world, so people are making changes in their lifestyle. This also includes the products which they use in their day to day life and packaging products are no exception in this case.

People have started using  sustainable and eco-friendly packaging which is not only helping them in so many ways, but is also helping our environment in a lot of ways. This eco-friendly revolution in business and other fields has led us to live a life which is completely sustainable in nature. Sustainability not just saves our environment but also our hard earned money, hence, it is the real fashion and trend which everybody must follow.

Sustainability in Packaging

In this article we shall be looking at some of the sustainable packaging products which are bringing an eco-friendly evolution in the business world. Sustainable packaging is the need of the hour and we cannot compromise with it in any way. Our environment is our precious treasure and if we are not taking required steps to protect this treasure, time is not far behind when we will be repenting of our own action. Therefore, before it’s too late, it is high time that we understand our mistake which is cheating such a scenario and rectify it. Maturity is not exploiting everything for the sake of fashion and trend, maturity is realising our responsibility and switching to a sustainable life. Therefore, many eCommerce packaging suppliers, such as Packaging Now, are providing you with eco-friendly packaging supplies for a better and green future.

Let us now have a look at some of the sustainable packaging products which you can use for your business.

Biodegradable Plastic

Conventional plastic has always been a major environmental concern because they are non-biodegradable in nature. We can avoid conventional plastics, however, there are so many situations where we cannot avoid using plastics as they make our task convenient. But we cannot harm our environment by using and littering plastics everywhere. Therefore, the packaging industry has come up with an alternative which not just makes our task easier, but also protects our environment in all possible ways. Biodegradable plastics are those alternatives which have come to our rescue. Under particular conditions, the biodegradable plastics can break down into natural elements, such as, biomass, water and carbon dioxide, hence, help in reducing garbage waste and carbon footprint from the environment. In other words, this packaging product reduces the harmful impact on the environment to a great extent. Therefore, mailers, bubble wraps and alike are manufactured with biodegradable plastics.

Packaging Materials

Recyclable Cardboard Packaging

Cardboard boxes are the basic packaging products which we need in every aspect. Therefore, the business world is no exception in this case. Whether small items, fragile items,lightweight items, heavy and bulky items, each has to be packed in a strong cardboard box to ensure protection and safety. However, the manufacturing of cardboard boxes leads to deforestation and the requirement of a substantial amount of energy. To get rid of this environmental degradation, many businesses and manufacturing companies are switching to recyclable cardboard packaging. The raw materials used for producing these cardboard boxes are also recycled and reused materials.

By adopting this step, we are able to reduce the harmful impact on the environment caused by these boxes. These boxes are also known for their strength and durability and hence, are a sustainable option for packing and shipping items. Corrugated double wall cardboard boxes, cardboard postal boxes and so on come under the category of recyclable cardboard packaging.

Cardboard Postal Boxes

Water Activated Packing Tape

Properly sealing the boxes with packing tape is an important step in an eCommerce business. If the packing tape is strong and adhesive, it ensures proper safety to the items packed inside the boxes. But if the packing tape is made up of plastic, it equally ensures a great threat to the environment. In order to get rid of this dilemma, and to ensure safety and security of both the items and the environment, people these days are using water activated packing tape. It is made up of reinforced paper or paper with water activated adhesive, it not just creates a strong bond in sealing the boxes, but also protects the environment from further degradation as it is completely recyclable, reusable and sustainable in nature. Thus, whether you use corrugated cardboard boxes or postage boxes, make sure that you are sealing them with water activated packing tape.

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