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The Importance Of Jewellery Valuation

by Uneeb Khan
Jewellery Valuation

Jewellery has a valuable place in our life. It is an asset which we get not just by our hard earned money but as a special gift from our loved ones on special occasions or as a family heirloom which involves a lot of sweet memories. In short, jewellery is that asset which comes with a lot of emotions and feelings. It tells a story which involves an individual and how he earned it. Therefore, a small mark of damage on it breaks our heart. Not only that we face a heavy loss as well which does not justify our hard work at all. Therefore, they say jewellery valuation is necessary even though you are not in need of it at the moment. It is a process which you need to avoid unwanted situations in your life, such as, theft, robbery, death in the family, divorce, accident and so on. You need to evaluate your jewellery to avoid such situations and to endure your jewellery so that you do not face a loss and get back the money you deserve. Hence, the evaluation of jewellery is a great help to you in the long run.

In this article we shall be looking at some of the importance of evaluating jewellery. There are certain factors which you need to keep in mind for the evaluation of jewellery. First of all you need to take it to the valuer or jeweller who is an expert in this field and has an in depth knowledge. Secondly, the jeweller or the valuer will focus on factors like metal, stones, age, shine and condition of your jewellery. Therefore, always clean your jewellery properly before taking it for the valuation process. Also, if there is damage, then repair it first and then take it for the evaluation process. Apart from that make sure that your jewellery is hallmarked and certified. If it does not contain a certificate, you can easily get it from a renowned gemologist. There are companies such as Prestige Valuations who provide you with all these facilities, like, jewellery repair and restoration, watch valuation, jewellery valuations and so on both in online and offline mode.

Let us now have a look at the importance of valuation of jewellery.

jewellery valuation

For the Purpose of Interview

You need to evaluate your jewellery so that you can ensure adequate insurance coverage for it. Jewellery is valuable and portable. Therefore, there is risk of it being stolen, lost and damaged. If you have a proper valuation report readily available with you, it makes the work of the insurance company easy and smooth in providing you the coverage, as they will have all the required information for it. Therefore, if your jewellery is lost or stolen, and you have recently evaluated your jewellery, the process of claiming the insurance for it will be smoother and you will get a fair compensation for it.

To Get an Exact Replacement Value

Another reason why you should go to jewellery valuers for evaluating your jewellery is to get the exact replacement value. The price and value of the jewellery fluctuates as per the current market price and value. It involves fluctuation in the value and price of the metals and gemstones used in making and designing the jewellery. Therefore, if you take your jewellery for the valuation process from time to time, you will get an exact replacement value for it as you are completely aware of  its current value. This is of great help to you in case your jewellery has been lost or stolen, as the price of the jewellery may have become higher than when you originally paid for it.

jewellery valuations

To Verify the Authenticity

Since we live in a world where counterfeit or dupe jewellery is available everywhere, therefore, it is necessary to get your jewellery evaluated to ensure its authenticity. In other words, you need to be vigilant regarding the jewellery you are using. A professional valuation process will give you the exact report of the originality and authenticity of the jewellery you have purchased. This will add more value to your jewellery and will safeguard your investment.

Summing Up

These are some of the importance of evaluating your jewellery. There are different types of valuation processes depending on the situation you are in, such as probate jewellery valuation, evaluation of jewellery in divorce settlement, evaluation of jewellery while travelling to a foreign country and so on.

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